With AMPLIFY Choreography, microservices integration can now run asynchronously without having to wait for one service to complete before starting the next one. In addition, asynchronous configuration allows your processes to be better prepared to handle temporary bursts during high business volumes. This approach decouples the executions across two or more services, allowing for applications to run at optimal throughput for maximum productivity.  In addition, you can also increase your agility and ability to scale at a reduced cost. Instead of spending resources on managing business logic across different areas or having a central orchestration module, you can now:

  • Bypass the traditional REST interface / synchronous API limitations.
  • Create multi-dimensional choreographies that can run parallel / asynchronously
  • Execute microservices in any fashion required by your business partners & customers

Scalable and Resilient

With a distributed streaming platform as part of its backbone, AMPLIFY Choreography Engine provides built-in resiliency, choreographing data streams and communications across services. AMPLIFY Choreography has an event-driven architecture with inbuilt fault tolerance and the ability to facilitate asynchronous execution.

Step Pattern Choreography

The heart of the solution is the support for step patterns. AMPLIFY Choreography stores the different step patterns from the choreographed microservices, allowing flexibility and control via command lines and scripting.

Polyglot Microservices Support

Create your business services in Java, Node.js, or Go – you get to choose which language works best for your needs. When you allow developers to pick the language of their choice, you are no longer restricted by the language skills of teams or team members and everybody can directly contribute. Once completed, each of these services can be part of your choreography.

Try it yourself!

AMPLIFY Choreography is available as a public beta, so new and exciting features will be added on a regular base. We would like to learn about your experiences. Once you have created your AMPLIFY platform account, you can start your journey to build your own choreographies.  If you want to learn more around the Term and Conditions that apply to beta software and services, click here - Section 3D.

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