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Try the Amplify API Management Platform for free

Companies succeeding with Amplify Central

Manage with independence

ENGIE uses Amplify to offer group-wide API management capability without changing existing APIs or compelling business units to abandon their preferred API tools

Stop the IT bottleneck

NOV removed the bottleneck of routing all API projects through a single corporate team while maintaining full visibility, governance and control over the new API services they are building

What it is

A central and unified management layer for governance, security and control of files, flows and interfaces (APIs) across environments, private and public clouds. 

This is where IT can enforce policies, establish credentials, and monitor usage. Further, this is where different integration artifacts are deployed and published to the catalog.

The value it provides
  • Common enforcement and monitoring to decrease risk from one-off API approaches
  • Centralized management of deployments, policies and test integration artifacts – files, flows and interfaces (APIs)
  • Centralized setup and deployment of API Proxies
  • A single set of dashboards to monitor API usage and availability to increase service levels.

Mastering the API Lifecycle

Amplify Central allows you to observe your API traffic using a variety of helpful filters. You can even easily dive down into each individual call’s logs and view their headers. 

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