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We started out with this wild idea that, by helping our customers wire up their manual accounting processes and data silos, they could become more efficient than they ever dreamed possible. Well it worked. We invented the world’s first business rules engine, Règle du jeu or RDJ, literally changing the rules of the game, no pun intended. And we learned two things. Organizations were struggling with unlocking value from their data and they couldn’t share real-time insights across departments to speed up decisions. Ever since, we’ve been propelling our customers forward with deep expertise and software that empowers them to tackle their toughest data challenges. With our next generation platform, Axway AMPLIFY™, customers can fuse data from anywhere to power a customer experience network that unites not only employees, but suppliers, partners and developers into an agile force for innovation that’s as fast and fluid as today’s digital consumer.


Innovation that shows.

We don’t chase trends, we’re recognized for creating the products that define them. We’re not shy about sharing what some of the most trusted industry analysts are saying about Axway. Just ask. Or watch your email inbox.

Leading with passion.

Our leaders were born with problem-solving in their DNA. We believe no detail is too small to make a big impact. So we’re all motivated to make sure our execution matches our vision. To balance empowerment with accountability. And to seek top talent that shares our collective passion for excellence.


Championing our customers.

Axwegians are fearless champions of our customers’ success. Our days begin and end with our customers. And because we’re a global company, our days never really end. So it’s no wonder over 11,000 visionary and global brands rely on Axway to help them capture a bigger slice of the expanding digital economy.

Taking global responsibility seriously.

We think supporting our communities, our people and the environment make the world a better place. That’s why we believe living life to the fullest is just as important as fulfilling work. We create opportunities for employees to develop new professional perspectives and encourage their personal contributions to causes that make a difference. We’re dedicated to sustainable initiatives that energize the planet.


Breaking news. Groundbreaking events.

If you’re an Axway customer, partner, or interested investor, stay in the loop. Make our newsroom a daily destination for learning about new technologies, products, updates and upcoming events. Anything and everything you need to know to make your job – and your life – easier.

Invest in the future.

We know what it’s like to invest, and to have those investments pay off. Our innovative AMPLIFY platform shows how we’re investing in the future of our customers. We are proud of our heritage of innovation, stability, and market performance. We remain committed to delivering value to our shareholders.

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