Telco Network Operator APIs

Leverage the unique value of your network to drive innovation and growth

Telco operator networks, not the Internet, represent the only universal connectivity fabric for voice and messaging. The intrinsic value of your network capabilities — things like billing mechanisms, subscriber identity, location and policy control — means you can deliver APIs that give developers access to information and analytics no one else can provide.

Axway can help.

With API Management, you can make your APIs available to a broad developer community, complying with regulatory requirements to unbundle local loops and opening the door to a vast pool of talent and untapped revenue potential that was previously beyond the realm of your network.

How does the solution work?

API management capabilities enable you to establish a secure Service Delivery Platform (SDP) that safely exposes your unique network assets to internal and external developer communities, including partners and competitors.

With an SDP:

  • Partners can use your APIs to deliver new services, such as aggregating data or selling and provisioning subscriptions to your network via distribution channels.
  • Developers can build application “mash ups.” that combine your APIs with third-party APIs. For example, a smartphone/tablet app could combine third-party road traffic data with your geolocation and connectivity assets to provide assistance services to field personnel.
  • You can offer APIs that turn OTTs into profit-sharing partners when you grant them more paid bandwidth to provide better quality service to their customers.

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    • Control all services that interact with mission-critical systems and communities inside and outside your organization
    • Deflect attacks against, control access to, and secure the data transmitted by APIs
    • Gain insight into the performance and quality of your API gateway operations, APIs and transactions
  • Axway API Management Plus

    Role-based, self-service portal

    • Publish a centralized catalog of APIs available to developers
    • Make it easy for developers to subscribe to the APIs they want to use in their applications
    • Manage multiple developer communities, including internal groups, partners and the general public

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