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Advanced Telco companies can’t risk falling behind on IT.

Innovative cloud and mobile services and aerodynamic data exchange will define tomorrow’s leaders.

With the rise of big data, the cloud, mobile devices and the Internet of Things, even the most advanced Telco IT architectures are facing big challenges to stay that way. By using Axway B2B integration solutions to remove the threat of technological irrelevance, your IT infrastructure is primed to keep you ahead of the field.

Scalable Axway integration solutions allow you to securely handle the increasing, often widely fluctuating, volumes of data needed to support critical business processes and win in the digital economy. Axway managed file transfer and B2B integration opens the door to innovative new services and streamlines data exchange between you and your trading community for SLA and regulatory compliance that’s second to none.

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Establish a secure Service Delivery Platform (SDP) that safely exposes your unique network assets to internal and external developer communities
  • Launch new partner services and application mash-ups for mobile phones, tablets, cloud-based applications and the Internet of Things
  • Collaborate rather than compete with Over-the-Top providers (OTTs) like Google, Skype and Netflix
  • Simplify provisioning and on-boarding for a rapidly growing subscriber base
  • Comply with SEPA and other government mandates to open up your network to Other Licensed Operators (OLOs)
Orchestrate business interactions with stores, customers, partners and financial institutions
  • Securely exchange roaming data with clearinghouses and usage data with MVNO partners
  • Create a single-window community infrastructure to optimize e-invoicing and order-to-cash, procurement and other multi-enterprise business processes
Gain real-time visibility into critical telecom processes (sell, activate, bill and maintain)
  • Ensure smooth execution of order fulfillment, service activation, revenue assurance, and supplier and partner service assurance
  • Alert operational managers of unusual behaviors, and provide them with the information required to assess the situation and take corrective actions before customer and business impact
  • Gather information from across technology and organizational silos to provide a global view of complex business processes
Modernize your file transfer system to reduce costs and support increasing volume
  • Connect to banks and provide a standardized way to make e-payments by credit transfer, direct debit, etc.
  • Reduce revenue leakage due to process flaws and lost or late data
  • Allow users to deposit, withdraw and transfer money with a mobile device
  • Manage big data and machine-to-machine communications for services such as the mandatory eCall button in Europe
  • Manage large file transfers between large applications such as ticketing and billing
Improve governance and compliance for file transfers
  • Centrally enforce different levels of security for public, customer, partner and employee communities
  • Meet SLAs and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Keep up with rapid growth in international markets


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