Energy Sector Digital Transformation

Simplify compliance, improve efficiency and drive innovation with a customer experience (CX) network.

The energy and utilities landscape is being reshaped by cleaner energy, smart-grids that invite the convergence of Telcos, IT and power supplies, and pressure from consumers and regulators to provide more affordable and reliable electricity and fuel. On top of that, increased competition, mergers and acquisitions, and interdependence among different electricity and gas infrastructures make innovation a necessity as business models rapidly change.

Move your IT infrastructure forward by integrating a combination of internal and external entities, the cloud, mobile devices and things in a dynamic and scalable CX network.

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Enable secure web, cloud and mobile services
  • Provide customers with access to mobile and online self-service functions
  • Give employees mobile and web access to internal applications, such as trouble ticket, service call and project/time tracking systems
  • Integrate on-premise systems (such as customer support) with cloud-based applications (such as Salesforce)
  • Provide APIs that enable third parties to deliver added value for customers, partners and the general public
Streamline the flow of data with suppliers, customers, financial institutions and regulatory bodies
  • Ensure SLA and regulatory compliance
  • Automate and secure cross-partner processes that include thousands of messages a day and adhere to industry standards such as those adopted by ENTSOG
  • Consolidate B2B platforms following a merger or acquisition
  • Monitor and measure what is happening with each buyer, seller and point of delivery
Modernize your IT infrastructure to support smart grids, smart meters and smart appliances
  • Connect smart grids and smart meters to your mission-critical applications and infrastructure
  • Efficiently collect big, high-volume and high-velocity data generated by smart meters and appliances
  • Implement heightened security measures to prevent data breaches and cyber-attacks that can cripple critical infrastructure
  • Deliver and price energy based on consumption
Secure and manage all types of file exchange
  • Transfer files between functional areas within the organization (i.e., multi-site corporate-to-station communications) and with external suppliers, distributors and customers
  • Gain the business intelligence required to optimize pricing and inventory control, and rapidly adapt to changing market conditions
  • Protect automated data exchanges and ad hoc file transfers between people, including very large CAD/ CAM files and seismic and exploratory maps

Build a brighter future with a powerful CX network.