Connected Car

Deliver the ultimate mobile device with infotainment and telematics solutions

Driver-centric infotainment and vehicle-centric telematics systems help to create the ultimate mobile device, delivering a rich and personalized environment that keeps the driver connected and safe behind the wheel. In today’s hyper-competitive automotive industry, the “connected car” is more than a convenience or even a luxury — it is fast becoming a standard checklist item for car buyers. Are you ready to meet this growing demand?

Axway can help.

API Management can connect your back-end applications or third-party systems to in-car infotainment systems and telematics sensors over the Internet.

How does the solution work?

The same lightweight Web API technology that is powering the cloud, social and mobile application revolution is key to delivering infotainment and telematics solutions to connected cars.

API Management is the API delivery and governance solution auto manufacturers and service providers need to deliver connected car infotainment systems and enable device-sensor information and actions to be easily consumed by mobile applications, partners and internal applications.

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  • Axway API Management Plus

    API delivery and governance solution for infotainment and telematics

    • Deliver audio- and voice-enabled content and information to drivers, and video and deeper engagement to passengers
    • Capture and deliver massive amounts of telematics data via web APIs
    • Use security, management and access control capabilities to protect APIs that handle sensitive data, and prevent attacks and breaches that can result in dangerous situations, legal challenges and compliance penalties
    • Easily integrate and aggregate partner APIs, no matter what interface protocols or authentication schemes they use
    • Use reporting and monitoring tools to ensure API reliability and performance, and gain insight into how, when, and by whom APIs are being used

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