White Paper: Getting Ready for SuperStream

Technology implications and opportunities to establish a unified B2B integration solution

SuperStream is an Australian Federal Government program designed to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of superannuation processing. The legislation mandates that employers and trustees of superannuation entities use a new communications standard and standardized XBRL document structures for rollover transactions and superannuation contributions. The Superannuation Data and Gateway Service Standards has been established to facilitate the implementation of SuperStream and using the gateway network, employers and funds may exchange information through one channel, rather than with approximately 350 different funds. Are you ready to comply with SuperStream for contribution submissions?

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • SuperStream adoption timetable for small, medium and large organizations
  • Trends in B2B information exchange and integration within ever-expanding online business communities and their related technical challenges and business pains
  • How the right B2B solution will help you manage information flow with all business community entities

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