White Paper: 10 Reasons Why FTP is No Longer the Right Tool for the Job

If you're moving files the same way you did a decade or more ago, it’s time to re-evaluate

The original file transfer protocol (FTP) was created back in 1971 and the protocol version in use by most organizations today has not seen significant changes or improvements in 25 years — which is surprising when you consider how file transfer requirements have broadened and evolved during that same time. FTP enables easy file exchange between just about any device and system, but when it comes to today’s complex information exchange requirements, FTP is missing key elements enterprises can’t afford to be without.

In this white paper, you will learn 10 reasons why FTP is no longer the right tool, including:

  • FTP has no encryption capabilities
  • FTP does not protect user names and passwords
  • FTP does not have integrity checking

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