White Paper: Boost Your Integration for Digital

Bring B2B, MFT and APIs together in a digital shared service.

Soon, the majority of data won’t be coming from the traditional employee, partner and customer sources. It will be coming from mobile apps, the web and billions of connected things like cars, appliances, wearables and sensors. And it will all need to be integrated with traditional systems of record in real time, on demand to create the compelling, high-performance experiences customers expect.

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn how a digital shared service that consolidates B2B/EDI, MFT and APIs can help you:

  • Shift the role of IT from a technology supplier to value-added service provider 
  • Improve operational efficiency by offering DevOps-ready services to your internal teams and external partners and developers
  • Accelerate time to value with secure file transfers and supply chain transactions that reduce costs and the burden on internal resources
  • Respond rapidly to new business opportunities with on-demand/real-time integration for mobile apps, cloud services and devices that need access to back-end systems

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