White Paper: Ready for the New EU Payments Value Chain?

Ready for the New EU payments value chain?

4 ways PSD2 can generate innovation, healthy co-opetition and growth

The Payment Services Directive (PSD) was established in 2007 as the legal foundation for an EU-wide single payment market. It is a comprehensive set of rules designed to make cross-border payments easy, efficient and secure – in part by fostering competition through the opening up of payment markets to new entrants. Fintechs and non-banking institutions quickly emerged, bringing innovation, competition and often, cheaper alternatives for digital payments. But these non-banking institutions also introduced more risk at the consumer level, making it clear they should not remain unregulated. The revised directive, PSD2, was formally adopted by the EU Council of Ministers in December 2015 with a transposition deadline for all EU countries of January 2018.

In this whitepaper, you will discover:

  • What’s new in PSD2
  • The major implications for banks and other financial service institutions
  • 4 ways PSD2 compliance can be a springboard for innovation

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