eBook: CIOs: Don’t Let Your Business Fall Into the Digital Divide

3 ways an Axway API First digital strategy can drive a successful business and IT transformation

Is your business falling into the “digital divide”? Disruptive market forces and emerging technologies are demanding that all businesses define and navigate a transformational path that embraces the app economy and represents a new focus on digital products and software-defined architecture. But for many, a complete digital reality is unfortunately on the other side of an IT and business-process divide. How can an API-first strategy help you bridge this dangerous gap?

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Why web APIs are the foundation for modern integration and an agile digital strategy
  • How effective API management is the integration platform between cloud services and core enterprise IT services
  • How to communicate with partners and customers more efficiently
  • How to meet customer expectations and drive engagement by prioritizing mobile enablement

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