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Axway connects data to critical applications, helping the Intelligence Community carry out missions around the world.

Technology makes it easier than ever to collect and evaluate intelligence that can reduce the risk of potential threats to the U.S. and the safety of citizens. To share classified or sensitive information across the globe in real time, the Intelligence Community (IC) needs robust, secure digital information exchanges. IC members must comply with rigorous government guidelines, certifications and accreditations, while also allowing the community to rapidly gather, share and analyze intelligence for mission success.

Axway can help.

The bottom line is that you need to securely get the right information in the right hands at the right time. Axway solutions provide the governance, security, authentication and access-control capabilities required to securely exchange sensitive and classified information. And data is always protected, regardless of how it travels — via messages, emails or file transfers. Advanced analytics let you integrate, monitor and analyze data flows with real-time visibility and operational intelligence to prevent issues and reduce risks.

Relevant Products

  • Axway API Management

    Policy-driven, user-friendly solution for centrally enforcing security, policy development, format transformations, and auditing of all API and web services traffic

    • ICD 503 accredited and NIAP Common Criteria Certification
    • Enables easy creation of new APIs to back-end services
    • Registers API/web services and makes them available to designated developer community
    • Enforces encryption of data at rest and data in transit
    • Validates message schemas and contents
    • Transforms protocols and formats
    • Validates digital certificates
    • Includes internal APIs for integration with other systems
  • Axway Validation Authority Suite

    Proven solution for delivering fault-tolerant and enterprise-scale digital certificate validation capabilities

    • Helps departments throughout the DoD today
    • Enables enterprise-scale Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) response
    • Provides improved response times for OCSP signing requests
    • Disseminates CRLs securely
    • Delivers SCVP chaining capabilities
  • Axway Syncplicity

    Secure internal and external file sharing

    • Universal access to all content from any device
    • Secure File and Folder Sharing
    • Real-Time Document Protection and Backup
    • “Any Folder Sync” – End Users Have Access to All of Their Files without dragging them and dropping them first
    • Secure mobile access
    • FedRAMP certification in process
  • Axway Decision Insight

    Operational intelligence and analytics solution

    • Provides preemptive dashboards and alerts based on multiple sources
    • Goes beyond network, infrastructure, or SIEM monitoring to monitor deliverables/results
    • Provides object or file-based tracking from end to end
    • Learns baseline operations and then provides alerts for deviations
    • Allows problems to be recognized and resolved early


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