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The Department of Defense (DoD) depends more than ever on information gathering and sharing to protect our nation, support our allies, and enable warfighters to perform missions as directed by the president. The resulting extensive volumes of data support stand-alone operations, joint efforts between DoD organizations, and cooperative missions with allies. Now more than ever, the control and protection of that data — both at rest and in transit — are critical to individual mission success and overall national security. The numerous certifications and accreditations required for DoD information systems and networks have been put in place to help ensure control and protection for this data. How can you control your information environment and comply with the myriad mandates while deploying an architecture that’s ready to adapt to current and future DoD requirements?

Axway can help.

With Axway software, DoD organizations can have the data and system governance, security, authentication, access control, monitoring and auditing required for today’s defense operations. Whether you need capabilities like CAC support, API or web service creation or protection, remote file transfer assurance, EDI exchange and transformation, mobile app development, mobile or desktop file sharing, or proactive service performance warnings, Axway provides the software to help DoD directly and securely meet mission requirements.   

Relevant Products

  • Axway API Management

    Automatically enforce security, translate message formats, translate network protocols, and audit all API and web services traffic — plus create new API and web services interfaces — with a central GUI-based COTS system. Axway API Management:

    • Enables easy creation of new APIs to existing back-end services
    • Registers API and web services and exposes them to authorized users
    • Enforces encryption for data at rest and data in transit
    • Validates message schemas and contents
    • Transforms protocols and formats
    • Validates digital certificates
    • Includes internal APIs for integration with other systems
    • Integrates with other Axway offerings and is NIAP Common Criteria Certified
  • Axway Decision Insight

    Incorporate operational intelligence and analytics. Axway Decision Insight:

    • Provides pre-emptive dashboards and alerts based on multiple sources
    • Goes beyond network, infrastructure, or SIEM monitoring to monitor deliverables and results
    • Learns baseline operations and then provides alerts on deviations
    • Allows problems to be recognized and resolved early
  • Axway Appcelerator

    Develop, integrate, and perform analytics on mobile applications rapidly and easily. Axway Appcelerator:

    • Creates and orchestrates mobile-ready APIs
    • Deploys natively on any device and OS — iOS, Android, and Windows — via coding once in Java
    • Connects to any data source in minutes via mobile-optimized APIs
    • Provides real-time visibility into app usage and performance with mobile analytics
  • Axway SecureTransport

    Provide end-to-end security and visibility with file transfer management. Axway SecureTransport:

    • Supports multiple protocols
    • Optionally supports a protective “edge” server architecture
    • Secures and manages ad hoc file transfers
    • Works with COTS clients, as well as with the Axway Secure Client
    • Scales easily from small to large or enterprise environments
    • Supports checkpoint restart of transfers (e.g., if the connection is interrupted)
    • Transfers files of any size
  • Axway Syncplicity

    Secure internal and external file sharing:

    • Universal access to all content from any device
    • Secure File and Folder Sharing
    • Real-Time Document Protection and Backup
    • “Any Folder Sync” – End Users Have Access to All of Their Files without dragging them and dropping them first
    • Secure mobile access
    • FedRAMP certification in process
  • Axway Validation Authority Suite

    Provide fault tolerance and enterprise scale CAC certificate validation. Axway Validation Authority Suite:

    • Benefits many organizations throughout DoD today
    • Allows enterprise-scale Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) response
    • Improves response times of CAC and digital certificate usage
    • Disseminates CRLs securely
    • Delivers SCVP chaining capabilities


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