Civilian Agencies

Use secure digital connections to modernize operations.

Fast, seamless, and secure connections drive mission success, whether agencies are sharing critical data with field workers, protecting sensitive transactions, or analyzing mobile applications and web-services experiences. The transition to digital workflows improves operational agility and performance, protects critical government assets, and reduces costs. At the same time, IT has to rapidly develop and deliver new digital services and integrate, secure, and manage the datapowering those services.

Axway can help.

You can best protect data with a comprehensive approach to governing and securing information exchange. Regardless of how you exchange data—via messages, emails, files, mobile applications, or web services—Axway helps integrate, secure, share, manage, and measure all data for streamlined digital interactions.

With Axway solutions, your agency can enhance security, integrate and exchange all types of data, and streamline application development for rapid mission impact. Advanced monitoring capabilities and analytics govern data and provide insight for improved services and value. The right stakeholders can seamlessly access the right data and applications, while complying with mandates and policies like FISMA, HSPD-12, the Open Government Initiative, and NIST 800-53. You can speed deployment of services, integrate and manage mobile applications with back-end systems, monitor service usage and end-user experiences, and collect data to inform decisions and foster collaboration.

Axway’s civilian government solutions can be deployed on premises or in the cloud. See more about Axway cloud services through our FedRAMP-certified CSP (AWS, Microsoft) at

Related Products

  • Axway Validation Authority Suite

    Deliver fault-tolerant and enterprise-scale digital certificate validation as Axway Validation Authority Suite:

    • Enables enterprise-scale Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) response
    • Improves response times for OCSP signing requests
    • Disseminates CRLs securely
    • Delivers SCVP chaining capabilities
  • Axway SecureTransport

    For file transfer management that provides end-to-end security and visibility, Axway SecureTransport:

    • Supports multiple protocols
    • Supports a protective DMZ edge server architecture
    • Secures and manages ad hoc file transfers
    • Provides FIPS 140-2 compliance
    • Supports checkpoint restart transfers
    • Requires no file-size limitations
    • Deploys on premises or in the cloud
  • Axway Syncplicity

    For secure internal and external file sharing, Axway Syncplicity:

    • Provides universal access to all content from any device
    • Supports secure file and folder sharing
    • Enables real-time document protection and backup
    • Gives end users access to all of their files without dragging and dropping them first
    • Permits secure mobile access
    • FedRAMP certification in process
  • Axway Appcelerator

    An industry-leading mobile development platform, Axway Appcelerator:

    • Empowers developers to write impactful, engaging mobile apps in JavaScript and run them natively on any device and operating system
    • Connects apps to any data source or existing service
    • Verifies apps with full mobile test automation
    • Measures usage and adoption, detects crashes, and tunes performance
  • Axway API Management

    A policy-based, user-friendly solution for centrally enforcing security, policy development, format transformations, and auditing of all API and web services traffic, Axway API Management:

    • Provides NIAP Common Criteria Certification
    • Enables easy creation of new APIs to back-end services
    • Registers API/web services and makes them available to appropriate users
    • Enforces encryption of data at rest and data in transit
    • Validates message schemas and contents
    • Transforms protocols and formats
    • Validates digital certificates
    • Includes internal APIs for integration with other systems
  • Axway Cloud B2Bi

    A proven solution for EDI X12 trading management and VAN replacement programs, Axway Cloud B2Bi:

    • Creates or joins a community-wide digital marketplace
    • Enables enterprise-scale mapping, transformation, and routing
    • Manages your partner ecosystem proactively
  • Axway Decision Insight

    For operational intelligence and analytics, Axway Decision Insight:

    • Provides preemptive dashboards, predictive analytics, and real-time alerts based on multiple sources
    • Goes beyond network, infrastructure, or SIEM monitoring to monitor deliverables and results
    • Learns baseline operations and then provides real-time alerts for deviations
    • Allows issues to be recognized and resolved early


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