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IDC Devops Conference 2017

September 21, 2017

Axway are Gold sponsors of this year’s IDC’s DevOps Conference in London, 21 September which serves as the premier gathering for enterprise application architects, IT operations managers, QA leaders, business strategists, and IT leaders. This conference is focused on the key role that DevOps plays in driving improvements in enterprise agility at the heart of a digital transformation strategy.

With the shift to digital, DevOps practices have rapidly become more relevant for enterprise survival. The key challenge is how to enable faster delivery, better quality, and put in place continuous deployment schemes that respond to ever-changing business needs. Without doubt, development and IT — and increasingly the business — need to work in lockstep with each other. This requires a real change in mindset, culture, and the way organisations operate.  

IDC believes that one third of top 20 firms in industry segments will be disrupted by new competitors within five years. The need to balance speed, user experience, reliability and quality has never been greater. It is clearly a matter of transform or perish. DevOps is not easy but needs to become a strategy and execution tool for every CIO.

September 21

Cavendish Square
London , United Kingdom