Axway Events

IDC DevOps

September 27, 2018

Digital transformation (DX) is happening at an accelerated pace, and it should begin with applications that are built to deliver a truly digital-native experience. However, things are never simple, DX has a profound and direct impact on developers and DevOps professionals, forcing hard decisions and adoption of still-emerging technologies often without the foundtations in place.

Applications are split into legacy applications needing dramatic enhancements and new, cloud-native, mobile, IoT and other applications that are developed, deployed, and life cycled in radically different ways. Software driven innovation enabled by flexible, automated infrastructure, is the name of the game!

Axways unified, API-first approach connects data from anywhere, heightens collaboration, fuels millions of apps and delivers real-time analytics to build customer experience networks which can provide you with a real advantage in the race to the future of the digitally enabled enterprise.   Meet us at IDC DevOps.

September 27

8:30 am - 5:30 pm BST

Immarsat Conference Centre
London , United Kingdom