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API First Workshop + Tech Lab - Transforming your business with APIs - Sweden - 5 November 2015

November 5, 2015

Axway invites you to our API Management technical workshop in Kista, Stockholm. If you are looking to understand the vital role API’s play as part of a mobile and cloud integration strategy, then this event is for you. Apart from showcasing how leading global businesses are using APIs to transform their businesses, you will also be able to access the API Management solution and see how you can secure, manage and deliver APIs as part of an API First strategy for your digital business.

Is your IT organisation challenged by the continuing pressures to integrate on-premise applications to Cloud-based services such as Office365, Workday and SalesForce, and out to mobile apps? Find out how leading organisations in UK and around the globe are successfully adopting an API First approach as part of their overall digital transformation strategy.  Attend the afternoon tech lab and gain access to the leading API Management solution with real life scenarios and see how you can leverage and manage APIs as part of your digital business strategy:

Reasons to attend:

  • Understanding REST API Security with OAuth and OpenID Connect- How to secure REST APIs: Where do OAuth 2.0 and API Keys fit in?
  • How to enable Single Sign-On with Cloud Identity Providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.- Mapping Cloud identity to enterprise identity.
  • Beyond REST: HTML5 WebSockets for API access - Full duplex streaming of data, for next-generation Web APIs.
  • SalesForce API Access: Session management, caching, orchestration.
  • Cloud-to-Ground interoperability in a hybrid world - Safely connect Cloud services like Office 365 or Google Apps to your organisation.
  • How to on-board and enable a partner developer community - API Developer Portal tips and tricks.

Meet and network with your peers and learn how other Industries are being disruptors in their markets leveraging APIs.

November 05

10:00 am - 4:00 pm CET

Kista Science Tower Conference
Färögatan 33, 164 51, KISTA, Stockholm , Sweden