Axway Tumbleweed Desktop Validator


Axway Acquisition of Tumbleweed in 2008 Makes Digital Business More Secure

With the addition of Tumbleweed Communications offerings around Managed File Transfer (MFT), email security and identification validation, Axway gives enterprises a more comprehensive set of data flow governance solutions to protect digital business processes. Block damaging messages and attachments from entering your network, securely manage and track file flows inside your company and beyond the firewall, and protect Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) by choosing from these products:

Axway enables Digital Business by giving you the power to integrate, secure, manage and measure all of the data flows that drive your business interactions. This means you can get closer to your customers, work smarter with your partners, and break down barriers between applications, departments, locations and user communities. 

Axway includes the following Solutions:

  • API Management
    Join the API economy and transform your business with an open and agile platform for reaching new channels
  • B2B & EDI Integration
    Create an integrated and flexible infrastructure that streamlines business interactions inside and outside your enterprise
  • Cloud Integration & Axway Managed Services
    Combine the innovation, speed and savings benefits of the cloud with the security of your on-premise environments
  • MFT Integration, Consolidation & Governance
    Establish a central infrastructure for managing and securing all file flows across applications, customers, partners and devices
  • Operational Intelligence
    Gain real-time insight into digital business processes to proactively mitigate operational risk and improve the customer experience
  • Accounting Integration
    Meet FASB, IASB and local standards with an integrated system that lets IT control the service, and accounting control the rules
  • IT Operations Management
    Enable IT and business operations to manage alerts and anticipate resources and services according to business priorities
  • Secure Email & Secure File Sharing
    Protect high-value business data and meet compliance mandates by analyzing every email and file flowing into and out of your network

Want to open more digital business opportunity while keeping harming messages and file flows out of your network?

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