Secure File Transfer Service CFT

Deploy a state-of-the art Application-to-Application MFT solution across multiple sites

As your business processes become more complex and interdependent, you need a more efficient and secure way to move data between diverse systems, applications and sites.

Axway Transfer CFT is an enterprise-ready file transfer controller designed for large deployments. You can implement Transfer CFT on a massive scale to provide the same quality of service and a uniform interface to users and applications throughout the enterprise — regardless of the underlying platforms and with minimal impact on your existing applications. Economies of scale reduce the design, deployment and operations costs for the file flows that drive your critical multi-site business processes.

Axway Transfer CFT Key Capabilities

Integrate with any IT environment to meet changing business requirements

Axway Transfer CFT simplifies FTP replacement and handles legacy heterogeneity across more than 20 different platforms, including Windows, UNIX and Linux, mainframes and the iSeries.

For applications that naturally produce and consume files as a means of integration, Transfer CFT provides the most effective path to compliance and an event-driven, service-based integration pattern.

Transfer CFT also complements and integrates with messaging, ESB and other integration technologies and includes native web-services, Java, C, Cobol and platform-relevant scripting for integration.

Transfer CFT can be used in push or pull mode and provides a unique broadcast/collect capability to quickly address any interaction pattern you may have.

To ensure reliability and integrity when sharing files between applications using a common storage (NAS/SAN) Transfer CFT controls the interaction and verifies that data is actually available before an application attempts to use it.

Secure sensitive data with multiple layers of protection

  • SSL-secured connections ensure the authentication of controllers, as well as the integrity and confidentiality of exchanged data
  • Security pre-processing allows users to encrypt, digitally sign and scan messages for viruses prior to sending
  • Define policies to encrypt and decrypt data at rest using S/MIME, CMS and/or PGP
  • The lifecycle of the associated certificate is automatically managed by Axway Central Governance
  • Non-repudiation capabilities include built-in cryptographic file integrity testing, user authentication, encrypted transfer and storage, and a centralized audit trail
  • Access rights are granted and managed for logical objects, so the administrator of a server is not, by default, authorized to touch exchanged files. Identities and access rights are managed by Axway Central Governance
  • Complete audit trails document when, where and by whom files are accessed
  • A DMZ proxy protects data and networks while enabling critical file-transfer services that must cross firewalls at multiple sites

Improve visibility and auditability

All stakeholders need full visibility into the status of file transfers that drive processes and initiatives across multiple lines of business.

Axway Transfer CFT logs all activities related to a file flow and the health of the node, and publishes them to Axway Central Governance. Authorized Central Governance users can user interactive dashboards to view the current state of transfers and event-based information and receive multi-channel alerts when a problem occurs (including non-events), and quickly act to remedy transfer issues. Powerful audit features provide highly detailed information on transfer histories based on the different ways Transfer CFT is used and the associated data flows.

Ensure reliability, availability and performance

  • Utilize multi-node (active/active) clustering to load-balance and secure groups of servers hosting Transfer CFT nodes. High availability and horizontal scalability virtually eliminate downtime, improve quality of service, and help sustain private cloud architectures
  • Employ the File Transfer Acceleration option to avoid the fines, botched production schedules and added interest payments that come with missed delivery times and SLAs
  • Configure connection retries, checkpoint/restart, and backup paths to optimize use of your IT resources and infrastructure and minimize labor-intensive, break-and-fix procedures
  • Use other advanced features (including logical naming, store-and-forward file routing, broadcasting, priority planning and file compression) as appropriate to further boost reliability, availability and performance

Meet SLAs and improve responsiveness

Meet SLAs by establishing priority for some files over others to optimize speed and control network bandwidth for incoming and outgoing data based on the type of partner, time, nature of the transfer and more.

Axway Transfer CFT’s unique pre- and post- processing framework manages the delegation of tasks to the file transfer service and lets you add functions to file transfers with complete traceability and control of the entire interaction.

Just-in-time file/data processing with either an event-oriented approach to processing or a conventional, schedule-based approach means file data is processed as soon as the event occurs, eliminating all latencies and providing fast STP.

Centralize and scale governance as your needs grow

Transfer CFT integrates with Axway Central Governance to dramatically increase the reactivity and efficiency of the staff managing each step of the file-flow lifecycle — regardless of how much your organization grows.

All deployed Transfer CFT instances automatically self-register into Central Governance, and can be grouped by country, division and more. Configurations, policies, certificates and access rights associated with A2A file flows are deployed, managed, monitored from a central point, and all information is automatically collected and updated in a central repository.

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“We’re always going to have a heterogeneous IT environment and complex business processes. With Axway Transfer CFT, that’s not a problem. We use Transfer CFT for 100 percent of our internal data exchange. The entire system can be administered by just a few people because so many processes are flawlessly automated. There is simply no comparison between our Axway Transfer CFT solution and the file transfer methods of the past.” 

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