Axway Sentinel

Discover, monitor, report on and analyze data flows across your entire business ecosystem, not just Axway systems

Axway Sentinel delivers the real-time visibility that enables IT managers to manage SLAs, ensure regulatory compliance and avoid losses and penalties that can run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sentinel is event-driven, and has the ability to correlate events from both Axway and third-party applications and systems. Sentinel enables you to easily create intuitive dashboards that can be displayed as a web page or on a mobile device, giving your business managers and IT staff clear visibility into all data flows — including file transfers, B2B transactions, web services and APIs — in one central location.

Axway Sentinel Key Capabilities

Manage SLAs with customizable, real-time web and mobile dashboards

Axway Sentinel is designed to monitor and report on transactions and events in real time, reducing your problem-resolution time and expense by as much as 80%. The ability to view data flows in the context of the business process lifecycle — from purchase order to invoice to payment — delivers proactive visibility that enables you to:

  • More accurately spot, anticipate, manage and resolve issues before they negatively impact SLAs
  • Identify trends and opportunities more quickly with real-time visibility into transactions and events
  • Improve governance with a centralized, global view of your data flows and associated IT operations
  • Reduce the blocking of business-critical data flows

Provide the business with on-demand reporting

Sentinel’s powerful correlation engine and intuitive dashboards enable you to capture and monitor global events in real time. 

By monitoring and correlating data before it lands in back-end systems, your organization can dramatically reduce decision-making time and take action while a transaction is still in progress.

Because Sentinel tracks data flows at the transactional and business level, it is able to display events and processes in the context each user needs. For example, Sentinel can provide analytics to optimize order-to-cash processes, ensure on-time product delivery and fulfillment of SLAs, and measure the impact of promotions in real time.

Sentinel can deliver on-demand or scheduled reports (PDF or XLS) via email.


Establish true interoperability within your infrastructure and with your trading partners

Sentinel’s open, service-oriented architecture provides the flexibility, interoperability and usability you need to:

  • View real-time visual representations of data-flow health through customized dashboards 
  • Provide capabilities to IT managers and partners using an intuitive HTML5 interface 
  • Offer on-the-fly customizable dashboards 
  • Collaborate to address issues highlighted on a dashboard 
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources and merge data in memory for additional performance 


Improve responsiveness and drive regulatory compliance

Axway Sentinel delivers a single, global view of IT and business processes that can help you:

  • Improve responsiveness to customer and partner requests 
  • Support internal teams and external trading partners with self-diagnostic tools 
  • Extend data-flow visibility and analytics capabilities to customers and partners and address transparency requirements on SLAs 
  • Drive regulatory compliance through increased control of data flow and the ability to capture system changes as audit events


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