Axway OmniVision Investigation

Efficiently diagnose and investigate performance issues in heterogeneous IT environments


The typical challenges IT infrastructure and operations teams face are compounded by increasing complexity and constant change in their IT environments, especially as virtualization deployments expand. Given an endless stream of issues to manage, IT organizations need to expedite the identification of performance issues to reduce the risk of service degradation and improve mean time to repair.

Axway OmniVision Investigation provides detailed performance analysis through the continuous observation of activity across physical and virtual environments. The software automates and standardizes traditional problem-identification techniques to speed time-to-analysis.

Axway OmniVision Investigation Key Capabilities

Control IT infrastructure and application performance

  • Provide detailed performance analysis in real time and for the recent past using replay mode
  • Allow technical audits and analysis, even when there is no issue, through continuous observation of the IT infrastructure’s activity

Identify and analyze issues from a single centralized interface

  • Provide support teams with a unique tool to investigate incidents on all platforms
  • Improve IT team productivity and leverage their skills with pre-defined platform-aware dashboards
  • Reduce incident resolution time through multi-platform analysis and correlation

Anticipate technical issues

  • Identify short-term performance degradations before a problem occurs
  • Reduce the number of incidents

The deployment of Axway OmniVision helped us prepare the ground for better control over new architectures, especially in virtualized environments, which will further our efforts to implement an internal cloud.

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