Omnichannel Order Fulfillment

Accelerate your digital strategy, reduce costs and enhance the customer experience with omnichannel order fulfillment

Today, more and more shoppers are ordering items online, expecting to be able to pick them up soon thereafter –“same day delivery” as the industry calls it. And if their local merchant is out of stock, they want the item quickly delivered from wherever inventory is available.  

To meet consumer expectations, the entire retail industry is moving rapidly to converge digital and physical sales and delivery channels into a coherent, seamless customer experience. This “omnichannel” model is forcing stores to become both order fulfillment and order delivery centers, in addition to all their traditional activities.

Axway can help.

In addition to combining physical and digital operations, retailers determined to adapt to channel convergence will need to consolidate their analytics platforms, too. Axway provides the digital foundation and digital engagement capabilities you need to connect with customers via cloud, mobile and Internet of Things, and the robust analytics you need to monitor the fulfillment process across all digital and physical channels to provide the kind of service the customer expects.

How does the solution work?

Develop operational excellence: Mobile and online interactions with customers are imposing a new tempo on the digital business, with responses now expected in a matter of seconds, not hours. This reduces the time available to identify and react to disruptions. Operational Intelligence provides the highly proactive and lean capabilities that are essential to continuous process improvement and operational excellence.

Enable omni-channel ordering and delivery: API Management enables you to extend your reach to connected consumers, partners and field forces; provide a seamless experience across web, mobile and social media platforms; and ensure that your information services and data are available, functional and secure via each channel.

Related Products

  • Axway Operational Intelligence

    Business activity monitoring and real-time supervision of critical fulfillment processes

    • Gain situational awareness by analyzing and correlating data within a defined operational context to allow a specific group of people to recognize a situation that requires their attention
    • Gain predictive insight by assessing the risk of missing time-based events such as SLAs and customer delivery deadlines
    • Use actionable intelligence tailored to each individual’s needs and delivered at the correct time and in the context necessary to define and take the proper action
    • See rapid time-to-value: Configuration of a production-ready solution can be done on site in as little as three days, eliminating the need for lengthy, waterfall application development life cycles.
    • Enable continuous improvement in response to changing conditions with dashboard content that can be modified “on-the-fly” by non-technical users
  • Axway API Management Plus

    Enterprise-grade API management architecture for digital enablement

    • Securely integrate on-premise and cloud-based applications
    • Respond quickly to customer demands for convenient and transparent real-time services by exposing and optimizing services as lightweight mobile-ready APIs
    • Support new non-cash payment initiatives (such as QR codes and tablet-based POS systems)
    • Address new security and regulatory risks associated with mobile payments
    • Create transparency with your suppliers and vendors by sharing real time insights into the processing of order fulfillment and provide secure access to their performance scorecards

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