File Flow Management for Application-to-Application (A2A) Transfers

If you rely on FTP, shared folders and other loose integration techniques to move files across applications, you know the perils of late or failed delivery, and the pain of investigating when, where and why a transfer went wrong. You also know that modifying A2A file flows is difficult and slow, which leads to missed SLAs and a lack of business agility.

Axway can help.

Axway provides the advanced managed file transfer and centralized governance capabilities you need to define A2A file flows in the context of the associated business processes, push them out to thousands of application nodes, enforce evolving corporate security policies, and monitor the flows in fine-grained detail.

How does the solution work?

MFT Integration, Consolidation & Governance is the only internal file transfer solution available today that provides the flexibility, manageability, scalability and security capabilities usually found in external file transfer solutions.

Through a central “cockpit,” it provides deep visibility and unified flow management to enable faster data flow definition and deployment in line with business requirements, reduce operational management costs, eliminate middleware configuration errors and inconsistencies, and establish a single source of truth for business and IT operations through dashboards and alerts.

Relevant Products

  • Axway Central Governance

    Centralized data flow lifecycle management

    • Provide a single source of truth for business users and IT staff
    • Design flows to align with business demands (including visibility and policy enforcement) and deploy new flows in minutes
    • Operate all components involved in a data flow from a single interface
    • Enable progressive and flexible policy control
    • Leverage a dynamic repository to document all information about file flows, including applications, configurations, identity and certificates
  • Axway Transfer CFT

    Secure file transfer controller

    • Monitor and trace each step of your file flow and use application-level acknowledgment and checkpoint restart to ensure reliability
    • Connect any application wherever it stands, whatever the integration pattern (folder monitoring, event-driven via web services or script, etc.) using push or pull, with support for more than 20 operating systems
    • Secure file flows with mutual authentication, access rights on logical objects and data encryption in motion and at rest
    • Create clusters to ensure scalability and availability
    • Optimize available bandwidth using priority management and transfer acceleration

Supporting Resources

  • Success Story: Financial Services


    Rock-solid file transfer for a global financial services company with more than 85 million customers worldwide

  • Success Story: Life Sciences


    Consolidating 23 legacy data centers to three Global Infrastructure Services data centers while implementing industrial-scale MFT

  • Success Story: Automotive

    PSA Peugeot Citroën

    Powering 2.5 million file transfers a month to keep global assembly lines moving

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