Axway Integrator

Build, manage and optimize integration platforms to reduce costs, complexity, and operational and compliance risk


When disparate systems are integrated in a disorganized manner, you end up with a complex structure of application dependencies that is difficult to maintain and impossible to expand to meet new business demands.

Axway Integrator unites multiple incompatible systems, data formats and protocols to centralize and optimize all transactions with suppliers, customers, and other trading partners. IT organizations can use it to design, execute, and monitor integration processes that include transformation of content; protocol mediation and support for files of any size, message type, or flavor of API; and compliance with industry- and company-specific regulations and requirements.

Axway Integrator Key Capabilities

Orchestrate the entire spectrum of integration processes — regardless of format type or origin

Integrator is a flexible, adaptable and extensible integration solution that can:

  • Reduce development time and free-up technical staff by replacing point-to-point interfaces with a convenient, centralized solution 
  • Support unlimited file formats, including customer-specific formats, protocols and integration processes 
  • Route information (in batch, real-time, or both) to multiple recipients in different data formats and reception modes 


Easily manage back-end integration using Integrator’s mapping, transformation, routing and other advanced capabilities

Seamless integration with diverse platforms and applications enables IT organizations to: 

  • Transform, validate, route and exchange data with any business application 
  • Provision multi- or cross-enterprise business processes into a scalable and highly available architecture 
  • Migrate from limited and legacy translators to highly customizable, modern and advanced application integration capabilities 
  • Integrate old and new applications without modification due to the non-intrusive nature of Integrator 


Speed implementation of new data flows and integrations with a single solution that is open and customizable

Rapid deployment and efficient processing enables IT to:

  • Transport converted files to any destination or application with user-defined processes and controls 
  • Create and edit maps with graphical views and standards-extendable transformation languages, including Java, C and SQL 
  • Deploy new applications, software changes and upgrades easily and efficiently using Integrator’s underlying technical capabilities
  • Distribute processing over multiple processors and servers, either locally or remotely, while keeping the design, integration and synchronization technology centralized 


Add Axway Sentinel to provide real-time data-flow visibility for business and IT users

By integrating Axway Sentinel with Axway Integrator, you can:

  • Gain end-to-end management and oversight of intricate data flows and workflows
  • Provide business users with end-to-end visibility into transactions both internal and external to your enterprise 
  • Enable immediate response to incidents and non-events to minimize business impacts 
  • Define monitoring dashboards with key KPI and SLA metrics, and define alerts for proactive problem detection and resolution 
  • View dynamic HTML5 Web dashboards on mobile devices 


Create a truly global partner community

By performing any-to-any exchanges with improved interoperability and conversion between all standards and protocols, Integrator enables you to conduct business with any partner, anywhere in the world.

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“Axway’s platform manages administrative and accounting data that the brokers and insurance companies must exchange over their respective operating systems. As the number of subscriptions to the service ramps up, Axway’s highly scalable and stable platform will handle millions of daily messages in transit from the right broker to the right insurance company, and vice versa.”

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