Secure Email & Secure File Sharing

Mitigate risk, meet regulatory and compliance mandates, and protect your high-value business information assets


You’re not alone if you worry about employees using smartphones, tablets and cloud services to exchange confidential data. You’re also in good company if your network is constantly under siege from unwanted email traffic, damaging attachments and unauthorized access attempts.

The fallout from these kinds of security threats can be devastating in terms of lost data, business disruption, damage to brand, and litigation and regulatory fines. The only way to fully protect your business is to analyze and appropriately handle every single email and file that enters or exits your network via desktops and mobile devices.

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Provide employees with a secure and controlled alternative to consumer-grade cloud-based file-sharing tools
  • Safely collaborate and share documents with customers and partners, including internal SharePoint files and folders
  • Define and enforce global policies to govern the flow of information entering and leaving the enterprise
  • Protect intellectual property and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Share files of any size and any type across mobile and desktop devices
Automatically encrypt, block or re-route outbound email and documents based on centrally defined policies
  • Protect all outbound email without requiring senders or recipients to download and learn new software
  • Enforce policies on desktop-encrypted email
  • Ensure compliance with government and industry privacy and security mandates including HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, FISMA and PCI
  • Convert documents into encrypted, watermarked, password-protected PDFs on-the-fly
Protect your network from inbound email security threats
  • Detect and eliminate viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and other forms of malicious — even criminal — activity before they enter your network
  • Block spam before it creates legal liabilities, hurts productivity, and strains network and IT resources
  • “Set-and-forget” security measures to reduce ongoing costs and IT burden
  • Provide end users with intuitive tools for classifying, blocking and reporting email senders
Establish a single secure collaboration architecture for inbound email, outbound email and file sharing
  • Eliminate the cost and complexity of managing solutions for both secure email and secure file sharing
  • Enable management of all tasks from a single console with full delegated administration
  • Choose the deployment model that works best — on-premise (appliance or licensed software), VM and/or hosted cloud
  • Improve reliability and availability of business-critical email systems

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