Axway DropZone

Secure and control collaborative file sharing with an enterprise-class alternative to public cloud services


Axway DropZone provides the file sharing, collaboration and ease-of-use features your employees love about public cloud-based file sharing services — without the security nightmares. They can use DropZone from their desktops and mobile devices to easily share files internally and with customers and partners while complying with your corporate security and compliance policies.

The intuitive interface ensures rapid adoption and empowers employees to exchange critical information without “going around IT” to use unauthorized and potentially harmful file-sharing tools. And IT gains a manageable tool that installs in minutes to provide complete control and visibility over information entering and leaving your organization.

Axway DropZone Key Capabilities

Extend DropZone security policies to familiar applications and interfaces, including SharePoint, Outlook, iOS and Android

  • SharePoint integration allows SharePoint folders to be mounted inside the DropZone environment, enabling DropZone security policies to be applied to SharePoint content, files, and folders
  • Outlook integration lets users access their DropZone folders and files via the Outlook interface, providing a familiar and comfortable user experience
  • Mobile clients for iOS and Android enable secure file sharing from anywhere, so users are less likely to resort to unsecured services and apps
  • A Desktop Agent enables users to sync their local folders to DropZone folders, so they can easily access, manage and secure the data they need to share

Enforce the same security policies for file sharing as you do for email

Secure folders can be protected by policies set by the administrator to control the types of content shared with certain users, protect confidential information and intellectual property, and ensure compliance with government regulations and corporate policies.

DropZone can “plug and play” seamlessly with your existing DLP infrastructure via an ICAP interface, or you can use Axway’s embedded universal policy engine.

Shared files are encrypted in transit and at rest on the DropZone server(s), and content placed in secure folders is scanned for viruses and malware to prevent the spread of infected content. 

Apply enterprise-class authentication, permissions and role management

DropZone gives administrators control over who can create and share folders, and with whom content can be shared.

You can integrate DropZone with Active Directory or other LDAP directories for easy-to-manage authentication and permission management. Admin users can be authenticated locally through LDAP/AD or RADIUS.

Deploy standalone or with Axway MailGate SC

DropZone is part of the modular Axway MailGate SC platform and can be deployed:

  • As a standalone physical or virtual appliance
  • In tandem with MailGate Secure Mailbox
  • In conjunction with all modules of the MailGate SC platform for a complete, secure collaboration environment on one appliance with a single administration console

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