Axway Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS)

Reduce costs, increase security and comply with U.S. DEA regulations

If your company buys or sells regulated pharmaceuticals, Axway CSOS is for you.

You can use Axway CSOS to replace the DEA’s costly paper-based Form 222 with electronic Form e222. In fact, you can use CSOS to manage every aspect of your electronic B2B relationships — including certificate management, partner on-boarding, encryption and digital signatures — so you can cut costs across your supply chain, optimize inventory and drastically reduce delivery times.

Axway CSOS also generates complete audit trails showing all archived orders, acknowledgements and shipping documents. Axway CSOS provides real-time visibility and alerting to help you be more responsive to your partners and comply with DEA audit requests quickly and efficiently.

Axway CSOS Key Capabilities

Axway CSOS for buyers (pharmacies, practitioners, reverse logistics providers, internal company plant or DC transfers and distributors)

Regardless of the size of your company, you can use Axway CSOS to:

  • Integrate controlled substance ordering with your existing procurement system
  • Present e222s for signature on screen in human-readable format
  • Automatically link EDI data to the e222 form for acknowledged quantity verification
  • Securely transmit orders with guaranteed delivery and receipt
  • Support validated digital signatures, document workflow and archiving
  • Search and track all orders through an easy-to-use web interface
  • Filter data to limit signing users to their own information and tasks
  • Support both centralized and distributed signing models


Axway CSOS for suppliers (including manufacturers, 3PLs, reverse logistics providers, internal company plant or DC transfers, and retail DCs to your own pharmacies and distributors)

If you are a pharma supplier, you can use Axway CSOS to:

  • Validate and fulfill e222 orders, including verification that the DEA locations match those of the orders
  • Easily add large groups of pharmacies to your trading community using a wizard
  • Accept encrypted orders and verify them using FIPS-validated order verification and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checking
  • Route orders to supply chain applications or securely forward them to distribution centers
  • Provide applets that enable full integration to web ordering portals for digital certificate upload and signing (directly on the website), with no installation required on the customer’s end


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