Cloud Integration & Axway Managed Services

Embrace the cloud as a core part of your integration strategy


Cloud-based applications and services provide a quick way to lower costs, improve collaboration, support new business initiatives and provide self-service capabilities to your customers, partners and employees. Cloud managed services offer the added benefits of outside IT infrastructure and expertise. The challenge lies in connecting your on-premise people, systems, applications and processes to the cloud without compromising enterprise security, privacy, compliance and reliability.

When you embrace the cloud as a core part of your integration strategy, you can have the best of both worlds — the innovation, speed and savings benefits of the cloud and the security and compliance assurances you get from your on-premise environment.

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Integrate cloud, on-premise, mobile and B2B applications and services in a hybrid environment
  • Safely connect your on-premise infrastructure with Salesforce, ServiceNow, SuccessFactors and other cloud services
  • Link your existing on-premise, mobile and partner applications to the cloud
  • Simplify integration to and from the cloud with API-centric transformation, mediation and policy-based rules
  • Protect sensitive data as it travels to and from the cloud using SSO, fine-grained access control and other security measures
Use modern web APIs as your enterprise integration framework
  • Complete tactical integration projects quickly, and expand as your digital transformation progresses
  • Enable product teams to execute and iterate faster and at a much lower cost
  • Promote APIs as the integration platform across your entire business
  • Automatically scale to handle peak loads associated with promotions, seasonal patterns and processing deadlines
Find a managed service for EDI and complex multi-enterprise integration
  • Rapidly meet new business needs without impacting your existing legacy environment
  • Rely on external expertise to quickly establish B2B connections
  • Speed transformation and mapping
  • Support all of the standards, formats and protocols your customers and partners require
Adopt cloud-based MFT that lowers costs, prevents data breaches and improves the reliability, security and visibility of file transfers
  • Manage, secure and monitor file exchange with partners, customers and regulators in the cloud
  • Update and consolidate file transfer gateways, legacy systems, and outdated VAN connections
  • Automatically replicate files and lower the cost of file storage
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated disaster recovery resources
Implement a simple and affordable enterprise traceability solution in the cloud
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of complying with global chain-of-custody and track-and-trace mandates
  • Quickly comply with US DSCSA traceability regulations for pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Automatically stay up to date with emerging and changing standards and regulations

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