Cloud Integration & Managed Services

Blend cloud and ground to get the best of both worlds.

A modern integration strategy embraces the cloud with open arms.

Gain the advantage of innovation and speed and keep control over enterprise security, privacy, compliance and reliability when you connect your on-premise people, data, systems and things to the cloud.

Cloud-based apps and services provide a quick way to lower costs, improve collaboration, support new business initiatives and deliver self-service capabilities to your customers, partners and employees. On top of all that, cloud managed services include outside IT infrastructure and expertise to lighten the load on your internal resources. 

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Integrate cloud, on-premise, mobile and B2B applications and services in a hybrid environment
  • Safely connect your on-premise infrastructure with Salesforce, ServiceNow, SuccessFactors and other cloud services
  • Link your existing on-premise, mobile and partner applications to the cloud
  • Simplify integration to and from the cloud with API-centric transformation, mediation and policy-based rules
  • Protect sensitive data as it travels to and from the cloud using SSO, fine-grained access control and other security measures
Use modern web APIs as your enterprise integration framework
  • Complete tactical integration projects quickly, and expand as your digital transformation progresses
  • Enable product teams to execute and iterate faster and at a much lower cost
  • Promote APIs as the integration platform across your entire business
  • Automatically scale to handle peak loads associated with promotions, seasonal patterns and processing deadlines
Find a managed service for EDI and complex multi-enterprise integration
  • Rapidly meet new business needs without impacting your existing legacy environment
  • Rely on external expertise to quickly establish B2B connections
  • Speed transformation and mapping
  • Support all of the standards, formats and protocols your customers and partners require
Adopt cloud-based MFT that lowers costs, prevents data breaches and improves the reliability, security and visibility of file transfers
  • Manage, secure and monitor file exchange with partners, customers and regulators in the cloud
  • Update and consolidate file transfer gateways, legacy systems, and outdated VAN connections
  • Automatically replicate files and lower the cost of file storage
  • Eliminate the need for dedicated disaster recovery resources
Implement a simple and affordable enterprise traceability solution in the cloud
  • Reduce the cost and complexity of complying with global chain-of-custody and track-and-trace mandates
  • Quickly comply with US DSCSA traceability regulations for pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Automatically stay up to date with emerging and changing standards and regulations

Bring your integration strategy up to full speed.