Axway ProcessManager

Build business process management solutions that align your enterprise IT resources with business goals


Axway ProcessManager makes it easy to design, execute, manage and monitor business processes that span multiple steps, users, applications, business units, partners, suppliers and customers. Using the graphical modeling environment, business managers can “draw” almost any possible business process logic and pattern, including events and triggers. Business analysts can then specify the attributes for the process objects, and business users can monitor processes to identify and respond to changing business conditions.

Because Axway’s business process management ProcessManager’s collaborative service-oriented architecture keeps business logic separate from technical logic, process changes are easier to implement and information systems remain aligned with the business.

Axway ProcessManager Key Capabilities

Use the BPMN-based graphical modeling environment to design processes and specify attributes

ProcessManager’s graphical modeling environment is based on the Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) 1.1 standard, which allows business analysts to represent business process logic and patterns by drawing a diagram. 

Business analysts can then specify the attributes for the process objects, such as:

  • Relevant communication service (e.g., OFTP 2) for an incoming order 
  • Back-end integration service for processing the order in the ERP system
  • Transformation service for converting the file (e.g., EDIFACT or XML)
  • Routing mechanism

The modeled process can then be tested and refined before it is put into production.


Manage the entire lifecycle of a business process management tool

Use ProcessManager for modeling, automation within the information system, automatic execution on a process engine, IT operation, and business and technical monitoring and analysis.

Reduce costs and speed time-to-market by re-engineering all or part of a value chain

ProcessManager can help you simplify how you provide services to customers. You can re-use service and process models to speed time-to-market and increase the competitiveness of your business. It also reduces costs by facilitating system evolution and building scalability into your processing to capitalize on existing IT assets and fulfill high volumes of service orders.

Avoid SLA penalties

ProcessManager gives IT and business staff end-to-end visibility over existing, new and re-engineered business processes, so they can better project and respond to changing conditions in support of service level agreements (SLAs).

Improve communication between CIOs and business managers

The graphical BPMN interface makes it easy to depict end-to-end flows of business processes and coordinate the sequence of processes and messages that flow between participants.

Implement proven best practices

ProcessManager includes a recommended architecture, methodology, and project approach based on Axway’s extensive real-world experience. Axway is also a sponsor/member of the OMG and OASIS open standards.

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