Axway Automator

Optimize time to delivery with event automation and batch processing across the enterprise


Axway Automator is a complete scheduling solution for automating real-time and near real-time IT and business processing in increasingly complex infrastructures, such as batch, web services and ERP processes. By intelligently and dynamically integrating events, dependencies and schedules into business workloads across the enterprise, Automator can help you reduce implementation costs, minimize organizational changes, optimize process management and IT resources and gain global visibility across IT and business operations.

Axway Automator Key Capabilities

Reduce costs, minimize organizational changes in enterprise IT, save time and boost ROI

  • Reduce operational costs through event-based automation
  • Minimize organizational changes in enterprise IT services
  • Boost ROI in your existing infrastructure by optimizing the performance of your Axway software and automating event-driven tasks, servers and ERP applications

Optimize process management and IT resources

  • Utilize functionalities such as process planning, organization, activation and monitoring, automatic workstation monitoring and message handling
  • Connect to all third-party applications via secure web services that allow you to schedule jobs for any application in the enterprise
  • Automate system jobs and schedule any computing event across the enterprise
  • React to monitored data exchanges in real time

Gain global visibility across your enterprise

  • Receive information from global IT for application processes and jobs in multi-operating system environments 
  • Easily manage heterogeneous IT environments with an intuitive graphical interface and cross-platform, cross-application controls

Effectively automate workload across the whole enterprise

Automator supports complex scenarios for different business environments, including:

  • Corporate workload automation
  • Autonomous automation for local agencies
  • Automation for cross-platform, cross-application architectures
The Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

“Once we understood how powerful Axway Automator is, we immediately exploited everything it has to offer... We achieved ROI within the first year, and we have made a profit every year since then.”

The Metropolitan Borough of Wirral
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