Axway API Gateway in IBM DataPower Environments

Add Axway API Gateway to focus DataPower on its strengths and avoid its weaknesses


If you are a DataPower customer, it's critical to understand DataPower's strengths and weaknesses as you evaluate how to use it in new projects. Its strengths come from its roots as a hardware appliance optimized for XSLT acceleration. So do its weaknesses. As you put together your architectures for new initiatives, consider what DataPower does not do well:

  • With each End-Of-Life cycle, IBM requires customers to purchase the latest versions of the IBM hardware or, more recently, the Virtual Edition.
  • Previous versions of DataPower were offered only as hardware appliances, and even the latest Virtual Edition is limited to IBM’s Pure Systems cloud.
  • DataPower is built for XML processing. The new world of cloud and mobility is built on JSON and REST, not XML or SOAP.
  • DataPower requires developers to code in XSLT, a highly specialized skill which drives up TCO.
  • DataPower does not natively support Java or JavaScript, but instead a IBM proprietary scripting language called “GatewayScript”.
  • DataPower requires an ICAP connection to add anti-virus protection, which adds an extra network "hop."
  • DataPower does not directly support Oracle Identity Management or CA SiteMinder, and does not do federated identity management and single sign on (SSO) across the old and new channels.

By adding Axway API Gateway, which has native wire-speed support for DataPower, you can focus DataPower on its strengths, and extend and leverage your DataPower investment in new domains and projects. You can also eliminate DataPower where it doesn't make sense, shrinking or avoiding upgrade costs, increasing flexibility and cutting the overall cost of ownership.

Axway API Gateway Capabilities

Wire-speed performance without proprietary hardware

Axway's patented VXA Engine delivers fast and flexible wire-speed performance using our hardware, your hardware or no hardware at all. Proven in high-performance, mission-critical infrastructures, Axway API Gateway allows you to upgrade hardware at any time without requiring a new software license.

Software and hardware options

With IBM DataPower, you must either keep buying more physical appliances or deploy in IBM’s Pure Systems cloud. With Axway API Gateway, you have the freedom to choose the combination of form factors that is right for your production, staging and development environments -- without compromising on performance.

Easy-to-use flexibility and extensibility

Unlike IBM DataPower, which requires hard-to-find and expensive XSLT experts, Axway offers a drag-and-drop Policy Studio that simplifies policy development and maintenance using flow chart-style visualization and intuitive circuit metaphors. Axway also supports extension and automation using JavaScript, Jython, Groovy and Ant.

Comprehensive and advanced reporting and auditing

Axway offers out-of-the-box reports that provide visibility into the performance and quality of your operations and an easy-to-use administration interface for full transaction monitoring, tracing and debugging, and auditing. This comprehensive reporting architecture provides the flexibility to capture the data you need, while keeping it highly accessible and secure. With the ability to see and understand how and by whom your APIs are being used, you can better control, protect and deliver your services.

Built in identity management, mediation and single sign-on (SSO)

IBM DataPower supports IBM environments really well, but not the rest of the world. Axway supports many of the leading identity management solutions including CA, Entrust, IBM, Oracle and RSA. For example, Axway API Gateway has a built-in CA SiteMinder agent, making SiteMinder configuration and management simple. Axway API Gateway administrators can monitor SiteMinder agent processing in the same place they manage other API traffic, which is a significant benefit for IBM DataPower customers who use SiteMinder.

Built in anti-virus support

With Axway API Gateway, anti-virus processing can be run in-process on the product itself without requiring a call-out to an external anti-virus server. The IBM DataPower product requires an ICAP connection to an anti-virus product. Axway API Gateway supports ICAP also, but the majority of customers prefer to use the built-in anti-virus engines, which eliminate an extra "hop" for messages and the need to send suspect files across the network. Anti-virus support is provided for engines such as McAfee.

Software and hardware options

Axway API Gateway is available:

  • as a hardware appliance that is hardened and FIPS-certified for secured deployment in the DMZ or behind the firewall
  • as software natively deployed on Windows, Linux and Solaris
  • as a virtual appliance on VMware, Oracle, and Amazon EC2 for production, development and test environments

Axway API Gateway also supports horizontal scaling by adding gateways, vertical scaling by adding machine resources, and elastic deployment in the cloud. And the Axway API Gateway graphical administrative user interface makes it easy to manage even the largest and most complex environments.

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