Integrate cloud applications and services

Enable and govern your hybrid digital enterprise by simplifying integration between cloud services and on-premises applications

  • Simplify integration to and from cloud services (SaaS) such as with API-centric transformation, mediation and policy enforcement
  • Enable SSO and fine-grained access control across cloud and on-premise applications
  • Protect sensitive data as it travels to and from the cloud
  • Monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the cloud services your business depends on

The cloud is here to stay, which means that your IT organization must not only compete with the public cloud consumption model, but also serve as the intermediary between your internal customers and all IT services (whether internal or external). Essentially, it must become the broker for a set of IT services that is hosted in a combination of internal, external, on-premises, and cloud environments — a hybrid IT architecture.

Axway can help.

With AMPLIFY API Management, you can deliver the agility and self-service the business wants from the cloud, while putting controls in place to create a secure bridge across cloud services (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS), on-premises, mobile, and B2B applications, lowering costs, and shifting IT resources from maintenance to new digital initiatives.

How does the solution work?

Use AMPLIFY API Management to build, manage, and secure integration between on-premises and cloud-based applications and services.

  • Choose from multiple SaaS or system connectors available in the Axway Marketplace.
  • If the connector doesn't already exist, use the Connector Development Kit to develop your own. You can then publish it on the Axway Marketplace to monetize and encourage adoption of your connector.
  • Connect with applications in your enterprise environment by developing specific security, identity, and integration filters to provide your internal services as secured APIs.
  • Manage all APIs in a central API Catalog for better governance and agility.
  • Monitor API usage and consumption and set alerts to monitor API health.

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