AMPLIFY™ API Central Service

Turn your digital business ecosystem into a powerful force for transformation, innovation, and growth

Axway AMPLIFY API Central Service is a first-of-its-kind API management solution that empowers businesses to tackle digital disruption head-on. Going far beyond enabling centralized teams to meet the traditional needs of API consumers, it makes it possible to harness the collective strength of your entire ecosystem of partners, customers, developers, and suppliers in a dynamic customer experience (CX) network that accelerates digital transformation and delivers rich, relevant, and immersive API-powered interactions.

The industry’s first service designed specifically for ecosystem API management
AMPLIFY API Central Service is a conceptual and technological breakthrough that enables you to take APIs — the heart of a thriving digital business ecosystem — to the next level.  With the ability to manage APIs not only within your business but across your digital business ecosystem, you can now:

  • Innovate, co-create, and deliver differentiating services that build competitive advantage and drive revenue growth from new business models
  • Extend self-service capabilities to ecosystem participants to support the massive growth of API adoption by enterprises
  • Enable single-API providers to transform into API brokers that offer more capabilities and value to API consumers
  • Streamline the business of APIs and provide the consistency, organizational scalability, and security required to adapt to rapid growth and unforeseen change 

Manage the ecosystem of APIs

  • Streamline management of API consumers, providers, and brokers
  • Leverage an ecosystem approach to scale in volume deployments
  • Deliver a self-service model that enables responsible owners to execute tasks across API registration, publishing, administration, and analytics 
  • Enable partners of API providers to register APIs in the provider’s API proxy catalog

Unify API creation and management

  • Create the API implementation and proxy in the same design tool at the same time
  • Deploy the API implementation and proxy to the same runtime environment for testing
  • Version the API implementation and proxy together in a SCM system
  • Promote and deploy the API implementation and proxy together through to production

Innovate fast with the flexibility to change

  • Create API Products that increase the value of APIs by managing them in groups that meet the service-oriented needs of different API consumers 
  • Create a central API Catalog across multiple runtimes to control the availability of API Products and authorization of API consumers for specific runtimes across the enterprise from a single location
  • Choose a multi-tenant cloud architecture to automatically scale and manage APIs without the overhead of infrastructure installation, maintenance, and updates

Build a thriving customer experience network with AMPLIFY