Accounting Integration

Modernize, optimize, automate and manage your financial and accounting processes to improve efficiency, accuracy and standards compliance


Improve efficiency, accuracy and standards compliance by empowering IT and accounting experts to do what they do best.

Your accountants are responsible for complying with FASB, IASB and local standards, your lines of business need to closely monitor growth and profitability, and your CFO is concerned with financial reporting and transparency. To meet all of these needs, you need an integrated, automated system where IT is responsible for the service, but the accounting organization is in charge of the rules and controls.  

To eliminate this deficiency, you need an integrated system and rules engine where IT is in charge of the service, but the accounting organization is responsible for the rules and controls without IT expertise required.

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Re-engineer accounting processes to become more efficient and accurate
  • Close the books faster — weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annually
  • Replace manual, Excel-driven processes with automated processes and controls
  • Ensure accounting entries to the general ledger are accurate, complete and in accordance with required GAAP rules before generating financial reports
  • Gain visibility into complete, end-to-end accounting processes with detailed audit trails
Manage the very complex financial and accounting processes that come with business evolution
  • Empower your accounting experts to manage and modify complex accounting requirements without relying on IT
  • Provide timely and accurate accounting information as your business model changes
  • Automate reconciliations (e.g. Book-to-physical-inventory reconciliations, cash-to-accrual-basis reconciliations, etc.)
  • Quickly consolidate inherited G/Ls with your existing systems
Pass audits and comply with existing and upcoming financial and accounting standards
  • Ensure the quality of G/L data
  • Automatically generate audit trails for complete traceability of all accounting processes
  • Demonstrate transparency by providing documentary evidence to auditors of the enterprise system source transactions behind G/L entries
Support both organic growth and M&A expansion
  • Ease implementation of a new enterprise financial reporting and accounting system
  • Rapidly scale to integrate the accounting for new lines of business
  • More easily consolidate multiple accounting systems and G/Ls following a merger or acquisition
  • Manage, secure, monitor and analyze the accounting data that flows across your global enterprise


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