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Are you ready to create new paths for innovation and growth?

Are you ready to accelerate your transformation to a truly digital business?

Enterprises are facing an uncertain future as they struggle to adapt to watershed disruptions coming from all directions. To survive and remain relevant, it’s time to embrace digital technologies that will let you reshape your business models to boost compliance, innovation, time to market and competitive differentiation. As you assess where you are – and where you need to go – on the journey to Digital Business Enablement, keep these strategic imperatives top of mind.


Digital business is here Digital business is here
Transform your customer experience

Tech-savvy consumers are living in a world where daily life has been dramatically changed by waves of technology innovation, and the bar for what makes a great customer experience has never been higher. What do your customers now expect? In a nutshell: Real-time engagement that delights and satisfies them while offering consistent levels of service across all of their physical and virtual interactions.

We call this an “omnipresent” experience, and it lets customers do things like search, research and compare buying options online and then purchase however they choose, and to stay connected to their personal universe of “things” – homes, cars, thermostats and more – around the clock, wherever they go.


Digital business is here Digital business is here
Take a bi-modal approach to digital transformation

Game-changing industry disruptions championed by start-ups such as AirBnB pose a threat to their larger peers, but they also signal a massive market opportunity for companies ready to transform into digital businesses. Yet many large enterprises are hampered by competing priorities between IT departments shackled by the need to maintain technology running core business processes, and digital leaders and lines-of-business teams clamoring for new platforms to support rapid innovation in response to market pressures.

You can and should bridge this divide by taking a bi-modal approach to digital business enablement. That means building both a secure, high-performance integration foundation that supports connectivity with backend systems, distributed devices and external entities, and creating broad ecosystem engagement with developers, suppliers and partners to accelerate design, drive user adoption and increase monetization of digital experiences.


Digital business is here Digital business is here
Align your business with the “experience economy”

A new generation of fast-growing technology companies is rewiring the flow of communication, collaboration and commerce for the experience economy. They are discovering innovative ways to monetize social, location, sensor and public data exposed through APIs, and architecting new services delivered as beautiful, user-friendly apps. In the process, they are disrupting entire industries.

Consider AirBnB, Wealthfront and Yard Club, who are changing current business models in the hotel, wealth management and construction equipment industries – and in the process transforming how business is done everywhere. If you aren’t considering how to create this level of innovation in your enterprise, you risk being left in the dust.


Digital business is here

Axway can speed you on the journey

For more than fifteen years, we’ve been empowering leading organizations by delivering the digital business enablement technologies they need to improve operational efficiency, accelerate business innovation and deliver delightful and optimal customer experiences.

If you’re looking for a strong and imaginative technology partner on the road to digital business, we can help you develop the capabilities you need to:

Collaborate Smarter

Unleash data through an integration shared service to streamline, protect and govern your digital business exchanges.

Ready to collaborate smarter?


Innovate Faster

Expose and manage APIs for your enterprise and device data, empowering developers to create new digital experiences.

Ready to innovate faster?


Engage Better

Do business with your customers anywhere, anytime by delivering cross-platform and data-rich mobile apps.

Ready to engage better?


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