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Govern the flow of data within the enterprise to improve business agility

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Available Protocols

  • PeSIT, OFTP, EBICS (Windows and UNIX platforms)

Axway Transfer CFT is an enterprise-ready, multi-platform file and message transfer controller designed for large-scale deployments in distributed organizations. Ensuring the same quality of service and a uniform interface for users and applications throughout the enterprise — regardless of the underlying platforms — it is non-intrusive and reduces the design, implementation and operations costs associated with governing the flow of data for critical multi-site business processes.

Axway Transfer CFT is integrated with Axway Central Governance, an innovative software solution that provides deep visibility and unified flow management for Axway 5 Suite products. Through a central “cockpit,” Axway Central Governance enables rapid response to changing business requirements by providing faster data flow deployment; reduces operational management costs; eliminates middleware configuration errors and inconsistencies; and provides out-of-the-box data-flow visibility through dashboards and alerts.

Key Features & Benefits

Business flexibility

Platforms and applications remain independent of one another, ensuring maximum business flexibility for future growth.

  • Architect your file transfer service your way – as a combination of peer-to-peer and hub-and-spoke, thereby building a transfer bus to efficiently manage your files.
  • Use multiple modes of data exchange across multiple sites – a server can broadcast multiple files from a mainframe to distributed applications, or act like a client to pull data from branch offices to corporate headquarters (push, pull, store and forward, on-event and more).
  • Gain control with a unique and complete pre/post processing framework that manages the delegation of tasks to the file transfer service, and provides the ability to add functions to file transfers with complete traceability of the entire value-added, file-based interaction.
  • ƒSecure data at rest with S/MIME, PGP and data integrity by enabling digital signatures on files.
  • ƒUse with Axway SecureTransport to provide a human-oriented portal to exchange files with a mainframe application, and more.
  • ƒMigrate from ETEBAC and FTAM protocols and prepare for the phasing out of X25 more easily, with support for EBICS (on Windows and UNIX platforms).
  • Integrate existing applications to sustain innovation and business transformation in a non-intrusive way through application programming interfaces (APIs), ESB/SOA-ready Web Services and more.
  • ƒUse your file transfer service through a service-oriented architecture (SOA), an enterprise service bus (ESB), a business process management (BPM) engine, or a job scheduler.
  • ƒLeverage your SOA investments and reduce the design, implementation and operations costs associated with A2A file transfer by utilizing features such as logical naming.

Reliability and performance

Axway Transfer CFT is more dependable, manageable, and scalable than conventional, application-based file transfer approaches.

  • Eliminate all latencies for fast, straight-through processing (STP). ƒ
  • Maintain consistent data for all interacting mission-critical applications and processes with just-in-time processing (event-driven or conventional schedule-based) as soon as an event occurs. ƒ
  • Automate processes with guaranteed delivery and checkpoint/restart; end-to-end acknowledgement at both the transfer and application levels guarantees reliability and supports business sustainability. ƒ
  • Utilize multi-node (active/active) clustering to enable groups of servers to be load-balanced and secured, and add high availability and horizontal scalability to file transfer capabilities for sustaining private cloud architecture initiatives. ƒ Implement real-time data processing with zero-latency pre-processing, which enables recipient applications to request that files be generated only at the time they are needed. ƒ
  • Achieve near real-time file exchange (as opposed to batch or once daily) with no limits on document size. ƒ Establish priority of transfer for certain files (incoming and outgoing) to optimize speed and control network bandwidth based on pre-defined attributes and classes of service, such as type of partner, time of transfer, or nature of transfer. ƒ
  • Scale up to 1,000 simultaneous transfers at the node level to perform multiple tasks in parallel. ƒ
  • Optimize bandwidth and accelerate transfer of large files with Axway’s File Transfer Acceleration option for Axway Transfer CFT, and successfully handle big-latency or large-band networks (10 GBE and more).

Scalable governance

Easily govern your large installed base of Axway Transfer CFT instances and quickly adapt to changes with central controls and unprecedented scalability.

  • Use Axway Central Governance for scalable, automated, transparent, “labor-free” deployment that makes Axway Transfer CFT easy to operate and configure. ƒ
  • Enable self-registration (for immediate on-boarding of new nodes) and centralize management to maintain thousands of instances with hundreds of combined applications, configurations and files. ƒ
  • Simplify data security with automated issuance and lifecycle management of certificates. ƒ
  • Leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) capabilities to securely access governance tools from anywhere. ƒ
  • Easily create and manage groups of any size for greater control of and visibility into all file transfers — group and view by country, division, message type and more. ƒ
  • Using Axway Central Governance, configure all instances of Axway Transfer CFT and related flows from a central “cockpit.” ƒ
  • Deploy multiple configurations of Axway Transfer CFT across your large installed base all at once, with one click. ƒ
  • Reduce IT workloads by leveraging easy, centralized patch deployments on a massive scale.

Visibility and audit trails

Business-oriented monitoring, transfer services and end-to-end configuration and control are available and adaptable for both business managers and IT staff.

  • Add pre-defined Axway Sentinel dashboards to track and react to data exchange events across all major networks, mainframes, servers, desktops and software applications.
  • Consolidate real-time file transfer information from your mainframe, IBM i, ERP and other systems to gain critical insight into business processes and protect against accidental data leakage and loss. ƒ
  • Improve quality of service and reduce costs over your entire data exchange environment by detecting and correcting file transfer malfunctions in real time, before they become critical. ƒ
  • Ensure compliance with regulations that require audit of transfers, security and access. ƒ
  • Monitor the status of a flow of data at each step of a business process in fine-grained detail, including progress of large file transfers, space remaining on servers, and more.

DMZ security

Axway Secure Relay is natively integrated with Transfer CFT, acting as a DMZ proxy to protect data, customers, and networks while enabling critical file-transfer services between authorized parties.

  • ƒ Deploy Transfer CFT behind the internal firewall in a protected network, securing TCP/IP connections coming from the Internet to the internal network, and vice versa. ƒ
  • Prevent storage of sensitive information in the DMZ, adding another layer of security to data as it flows to and from the Internet through your firewall.

Core Functionality

Axway Transfer CFT is more flexible, manageable, scalable and secure than conventional, application-based file transfer approaches. It is the only internal managed file transfer (MFT) solution available today that provides the robust capabilities usually found only in external MFT solutions, enabling organizations to securely transfer and track files between disparate hardware and software platforms without application rewrites.

With an emphasis on business flexibility, visibility, scalable governance and reliable performance, Axway Transfer CFT allows you to consolidate diverse platforms to a unified, centralized and secure framework for better control over your internal operations. It is especially well-suited for organizations seeking to fully leverage enriched standard protocols such as PeSIT, EBICS and OFTP.

Adapt to changing requirements

Centralized configuration enables dynamic adaptation, and extensibility guarantees easy solution upgrades and support for current and future standards

  • ƒInherent data-conversion capabilities support file and message exchange across more than 20 platforms, including Windows, UNIX and Linux, mainframes and IBM. ƒ
  • Implement different modes of data transfer, including event-driven, scheduled, store-and-forward, and push or pull. ƒ
  • Advanced features include store-and-forward file routing, broadcasting, priority planning and file compression. ƒ
  • Apply configurable strategies for connection retries, checkpoint/restart and backup paths.
  • Submit new transfer requests from Web Services invocation, Java classes, C/Cobol APIs, a command-line interface or a Web-based user interface. ƒ
  • Create Transfer CFT ‘farms’ in support of datacenter consolidation and private cloud requirements. ƒ
  • Integrate Axway Transfer CFT with third-party products to create a solution tailormade for your specific IT environment and business requirements.
  • Transfer CFT works in tandem with existing B2B gateways using complementary functionality

Protect sensitive data

Data is secured at rest and in transit, within and across the firewall.

  • SSL-secured connections ensure the authentication of connected endpoints, as well as the integrity and confidentiality of exchanged data. ƒ
  • Security pre-processing enables users to encrypt and digitally sign messages using PGP and S/MIME capability and scan files for viruses and/or data loss prevention prior to sending. ƒ
  • Built-in cryptographic file integrity testing, user authentication, encrypted transfer and centralized audit trails ensure non-repudiation of origin. ƒ
  • Includes CypherSuite completion (SSL AES 256, SHA 256), User ID extension to 32 characters and enhanced certificate support (SHA-2 types: SHA 256 to SHA 512). ƒ
  • With Axway Secure Relay, all TCP sessions are outbound, allowing bi-directional real-time data flow with no data storage in the DMZ. ƒ
  • Secure Relay receives all configuration setup directly from Transfer CFT, and all file transfer dialog (protocol, authentication, etc.) is handled by the relay, avoiding any permanent or temporary storage of critical info in the DMZ, including files, configuration information (such as keys and certificates), and critical back-end processing (such as digital signing or envelope decryption).

Speed deployment, reduce costs and optimize IT resources

With Axway Central Governance, Axway Transfer CFT optimizes usage of IT resources and infrastructure and helps minimize labor-intensive, break-and-fix procedures.

  • Speed data flow deployment, thereby reducing response time to new business requirements, with a Data Flow Repository for managing end-to-end data flow definitions. ƒ

  • Gain out-of-the-box visibility into data flows that drive business interactions.

  • Dashboards and alerts make it easy to monitor and analyze components and data flows, speeding problem resolution and improving responsiveness across lines of business by reducing dependence on IT. ƒ

  • Eliminate configuration errors and inconsistencies by automatically generating configuration parameters from the data flow definitions in the repository and providing full control of the configuration deployment.

  • Self-registration is available for any node on the central monitoring platform. ƒ Drastically reduce operational management complexity and cost using a central console for executing day-to-day tasks.


  • Platforms:
  • AIX-power-32, AIX-power-64
  • HP-UX-ia64-64, HP-UX-PA-RISC-32, HP-UX-PA-RISC-64
  • Linux-ia64-64, Linux-s390-32, Linux-s390-64, Linux-x86-32, Linux-x86-64
  • Sun-SPARC-32, Sun-SPARC-64, Sun-x86-32, Sun-x86-64
  • Win-ia64-64, Win-x86-32, Win-x86-64
  • Sco-x86
  • Tru64-alpha
  • Uxw-x86 (UnixWare)
  • IRIX-MIPS-64, z/OS (former MVS)
  • IBM i (formerly OS/400)
  • VMS-Alpha, VMS-ia64
  • HP NonStop OS (former NSK Guardian)

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