Data Sheet: Axway TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM)

A comprehensive solution for the automotive industry

System Specifications

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Delivery Options

  • Licensed software
  • Cloud/SaaS

Available Protocols

  • OFTP, OFTP2, JMS, EDIINT (AS2), X.400, FTP(s), FTAM, HTTP(s), SSH-FTPSMTP, Web Services, WebEDI

For automotive manufacturers facing higher costs, lower sales levels, and ever-changing industry standards, a fast and efficient supply chain is the cornerstone of success. Axway TSIM is a pre-configured B2B solution that enables you to integrate, control, and monitor internal and external processes, from start to finish, across the entire automotive value chain. Serving as a central communication and transaction hub within your enterprise and for your entire trading community, Axway TSIM provides a solid foundation for streamlining complex production and delivery processes for maximum flexibility, efficiency, and quality.

Key features and benefits


Multi-enterprise process integration

Tightly integrate multi-enterprise activities that involve interrelated business partners to improve collaboration, communication, and efficiency.

  • Integrate order processing, delivery, invoicing, and payments into your collaborative process chain at all levels, from OEMs to 1st-tier suppliers to auto dealerships to government agencies. ƒ

  • Replace manual, paper-based routines (such as invoicing and customs form submissions) with electronic processes that improve efficiency and quality while reducing risk. ƒ

  • Enable faster data flow and throughput, making it easier to meet tight SLAs and customer demands.

  • Improve inventory management practices and respond faster to changing market demands.

Flexible, open architecture

TSIM is built on an open platform and augmented with industry-specific processes, workflows, and specialized services.

  • Use pre-configured scenarios with connectivity (via OFTP, OFTP2, FTP, etc.), transformation, interchange, and back-end integration functionality to quickly integrate new processes, business units, or acquisitions. ƒ
  • Support all current communication protocols, data formats, and security standards, as well as legacy systems. ƒ
  • Implement an OFTP2 deployment that leverages your current Internet connections. ƒ
  • Effectively eliminate incompatible applications and consolidate isolated systems to improve efficiency in daily operations and the quality of data available for analysis. ƒ
  • Add easy-to-use components for a variety of functions, including graphical mapping of processes, configuration of entire workflows, and secure exchange of data with electronic signatures.

End-to-end governance and process visibility

TSIM provides the visibility and control vital to successful supply chains.

  • Gain end-to-end visibility into business processes in all areas of your supply chain for tighter control, and better, faster decision making. ƒ

  • Use pre-configured process monitoring dashboards to aggregate process data in near real-time. ƒ

  • Maintain compliance with current and emerging government mandates.


Architecture and Components

Axway TSIM is based on a flexible architecture that lets you select the integration functionality you need now, while making it easy and straightforward to add new capabilities in the future.

Components include: ƒ

  • Integration Controller — a powerful integration engine that enables parallel and scalable execution of process steps based on workflow, routing, prioritization, sequencing and exception-handling rules. An intuitive user interface delivers real-time monitoring of automated processing, and interactive control of each integration activity. ƒ
  • Communication and Back-end Integration Services — a comprehensive set of communications protocols — such as OFTP2, EDIINT AS2, FTPs and Web Services — guarantee maximum external B2B connectivity. JMS, database and specific ERP connectors (such as SAP) ensure reliable application integration. ƒ
  • Business Object Modeler — a graphical user environment for design of any-any maps (EDI, XML, Inhouse) based on various accessible repositories. The Business Object Modeler integrates validation, transformation, documentation, simulation and versioning functions in a distributed multi-user environment. ƒ
  • Collaborative Engineering — supports CAD/CAM designers to securely exchange huge and complex CAD design models based on ODETTE’s ENGDAT and ENGPART standards. ƒ
  • Retrieval & Archive Server — creates a handy retrieval index based on payload attributes. The index helps you easily search and find invoices and/or the archive link to the WORM archive. Simply enter your selection criteria using a convenient, Web-based interface, and then view your search results. ƒ
  • WebEDI Supplier Portal — a high-performance WebEDI system that allows you to exchange data with all of your business partners — even if they do not have their own EDI systems in place. ƒ eInvoicing enables 100 percent electronic transmission of invoices and credit notes, which reduces processing costs by eliminating the need to send summary invoices on paper or by fax. It conforms to VDA 4938 T2 and T3, GALIA, and GS1 France EANCOM (V2 and V3) requirements
  • eInvoicing enables 100 percent electronic transmission of invoices and credit notes, which reduces processing costs by eliminating the need to send summary invoices on paper or by fax. It conforms to VDA 4938 T2 and T3, GALIA, and GS1 France EANCOM (V2 and V3) requirements.

Open and Standards-based

Axway participates in major automotive industry groups, including the VDA and the ODETTE Organization where Axway is an active participant in their OFTP2, certificate management, and eInvoice workgroups. This active involvement ensures that Axway TSIM supports current industry best practices, standards, and regulations, and helps us to define, test, and implement solutions for our customers that are always state-of-the-art.

Additionally, Axway TSIM supports all common B2B frameworks, communication protocols, and associated services. You can establish secure connections with members of your trading community via the Internet, point-to-point, or VAN, and exchange and transform any kind of message with any kind of structure.

Back-end Integration

Axway TSIM seamlessly integrates with your existing back-end applications and ERP systems. Powered by SAP NetWeaver® Process Integration, TSIM includes the OFTP adapter, XML-EDI transform module, and automotive content (which is imported into the SAP NetWeaver PI repository), as well as preconfigured scenarios, mappings, and processes.


  • Platforms (64-bit support): AIX, HP-UX, RedHat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server, Suse Linux, Oracle Solaris Windows Server
  • Networks: TCP/IP, Internet X.25 X.31, ISDN, ENX
  • Message Types: EDI (X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS), XML (BizTalk, BOD, cXML, RosettaNet and others), Binary flat files (text, graphics, IDocs), ODETTE, In-house formats, SAP Idoc, VDA

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