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Data-flow visibility and monitoring

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In order to unlock the full value of your business interactions, you need to control and optimize — truly govern — the flow of data throughout your organization, and across your enterprise boundaries. Governing the flow of data means you can answer questions about your data flows, such as: How was the interaction executed? Has the associated service-level agreement (SLA) been breached? Where is the file? What is the status of each node involved in the interaction? And, how many invoices did we send today? Did we send more invoices today than yesterday? Which payments are not settled?

Axway Sentinel addresses the challenge of governing the flow of data and provides the ability to discover, monitor, and analyze your data flows to achieve end-to-end visibility and ensure key performance indicator (KPI) and SLA management.

Axway Sentinel is a real-time data flow visibility and monitoring solution that keeps you in control of your business processes by helping you more accurately spot, anticipate, manage and resolve issues before they negatively impact your organization. Agnostic to the software tools that support your business processes, Axway Sentinel is event-driven, and has the ability to correlate events from both Axway and third-party applications and systems. It enables you to easily create intuitive dashboards that can be displayed as a web page or on a mobile device. Business managers and IT staff gain clear visibility into all data flows — including managed file transfers, B2B transactions, web services and APIs throughout the extended enterprise ecosystem — in one central location.

Key features and benefits


End-to-end, real-time visibility

Monitor transactions and events throughout your community in real time

  • Identify trends and opportunities more quickly with real-time visibility of transactions and events
  • Reduce problem resolution time and costs by up to 80 percent with event monitoring, non-event detection and proactive notification of process disruptions
  • Improve governance with a centralized, global view of your IT operations and business processes
  • Decrease inventory and shipping issues such as stock-outs, late shipments and mis-shipments
  • Reduce the blocking of unsettled payments
  • Easily set thresholds and send SMS or email alerts

Enterprise intelligence

Acquire the data needed to define and initiate immediate action — automatically

  • Aggregate business metrics with a correlation rules engine that defines business and technical key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Process monitored data to define and initiate actions automatically
  • Lower trading partner support costs and improve customer satisfaction with automatic, faster responses to requests
  • Use analytics to optimize order-to-cash and other processes
  • Ensure on-time product delivery and fulfillment of SLAs
  • Measure the impact of a promotion in real time
  • Get on-demand or scheduled reports (PDF or XLS) in your mailbox

Flexibility, interoperability, usability

Open, service-oriented architecture provides true interoperability within your infrastructure and with your trading partners

  • Monitor any application script or application in your environment
  • View real-time visual representations of system and business process health through customized KPI dashboards (optional)
  • Extend capabilities to business managers and partners using intuitive HTML5 interface (optional)
  • Offer on-the-fly customizable dashboards (optional)
  • Collaborate to address issues highlighted on a dashboard (optional)
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources and merge data in memory for additional performance (optional)

Extensibility and governance

A single, global view of your IT and business processes, including single sign-on capability

  • Improve responsiveness to customer and partner requests with configurable business processes and KPIs (optional)
  • Support internal teams and external trading partners with self-diagnostic tools
  • Extend visibility and analytics capabilities to customers and partners and address transparency requirements on SLAs
  • Drive regulatory compliance through increased control of data flow and the ability to capture system changes as audit events

Axway Sentinel delivers a global view of IT and business processes, for timely problem resolution with suppliers and partners, and the smooth data flow necessary for a highly efficient value chain. Based on a service-oriented architecture and HTML5 technology, Axway Sentinel is a scalable, versatile, collaborative solution for end-to-end visibility and business process monitoring.

By enabling analytics and correlation of data flows before data lands in back-end systems, Axway Sentinel helps organizations to dramatically reduce decision-making time so that action can be taken while a transaction is still in progress.

Core Functionality

Axway Sentinel is designed to monitor and report on transactions and events in real time, eliminating the burden and expense of conventional problem detection and problem-solving techniques. The ability to view transactions in the context of the business process lifecycle — such as purchase order to invoice to payment — delivers proactive visibility that enables you to streamline processes for maximum efficiencies and an improved bottom line.

Self-diagnostic tools for support teams and trading partners help eliminate technical research and analysis, greatly improving customer and partner responsiveness.

Axway Sentinel tracks processing chains at both the technical and business levels, enabling enterprises to gain control of data flows through detailed views of inter-application data transformation.

Proactive Monitoring

Axway Sentinel’s powerful correlation functions trigger business rules in response to events or non-events, adding critical business intelligence. With proactive monitoring, you can:

  • Drill down to the source of a problem for analysis and correction
  • Combine events from different enterprise domains
  • Create trigger mechanisms that can automatically re-launch failed exchanges and generate new alerts such as voice messages

High-Availability Architecture

Axway Sentinel’s architecture is designed for easy integration, high load and high availability across distributed architectures, and for use within the demilitarized zone (DMZ).

Easy Integration, Increased System Knowledge and Alerts

Axway Sentinel interfaces with exchange infrastructures (internal and external transit points for information) and easily collects information from different applications. Using agents, Axway Sentinel transmits the following types of indicator information:

  • Technical — Provides the status of each active process and its memory usage
  • Functional — Checks on status of file exchanges
  • Business — Allows correspondence between deliveries and purchase orders

Real-Time Visibility into Your Business

Axway Sentinel provides comprehensive supervision and monitoring for real-time visibility into your organization’s operations performance, so you can run a more predictable and proactive business.

Enhanced monitoring enables Sentinel to recover monitoring information from any application script or application in your IT environment. Sentinel provides complete, end-to-end monitoring of business processes, even when they involve multiple applications. And Sentinel can help you anticipate failures before they impact clients, suppliers or internal departments, via:

  • Real-time tracking of all components in Axway 5 Suite
  • The Universal Agent Script Facility, which collects end-to-end tracking information from any application in the enterprise
  • Built-in agents that collect a wide range of technical performance information as a complement to traditional business activity monitoring
  • An HTML5 self-service interface that supports custom views and can be deployed and viewed immediately using a web browser or on mobile devices; users can construct an entirely personalized dashboard that integrates intuitive graphic objects to monitor business processes
  • A correlation rules engine that processes monitoring data and defines and instantiates alerts automatically

Axway Sentinel in Action


What it can tell you

Key Performance Indicator Dashboards provide visual representations that measure KPIs utilizing real-time data

Daily order from a trading partner is 20% less than same time last week/month

Technical Monitoring Dashboards provide visual representations of system and component health

B2B gateway or integration system is not responding

Event Identification and Action/ Alerting provides computer-level identification of an alert state and begins the appropriate resolution process

Trading partner did not send typical daily order— a sales representative has been assigned to determine why

Transaction Lifecycle Tracking provides business and technical process visibility

Are my seasonal goods still in the warehouse, or have they already been shipped?

Operational Support Tracking provides faster resolutions and enhanced customer support

What happened to Purchase Order number 195783?

Dynamic Dashboarding provides the ability to publish dashboards to websites and on mobile devices

Customers, partners and employees require multiple access points for information


Functionality with Other Axway Solutions

Working in concert with other Axway solutions, Axway Sentinel provides high-level monitoring and visibility across your business functions.

Axway Managed File Transfer
For Axway MFT, Axway Sentinel monitors data exchanges throughout the supply chain, and provides information and audit trails for regulatory compliance and business metrics.

Axway B2Bi
Axway B2Bi integrates your business with your trading and customer community. Axway Sentinel adds extended visibility and data tracking functionality.

Axway TradeSync Integration Manager
Axway TSIM provides business integration within the automotive community. Axway Sentinel adds extended visibility and data tracking capabilities, for robust supply chain reliability.


  • Platforms / Windows: Windows 7, Windows Server 2003/2008/2008 R2 x86-32/64, Windows Server 20012/20012 R2 x86-64
  • Platforms / Linux: SUSE Linux ES 10 s390-64, SUSE Linux ES 10 x86-32/64, SUSE Linux ES 11 x86-64, RedHat Enterprise Linux 5/6 x86-32/64
  • Platforms / AIX: AIX 6.1/7.1 power-64
  • Platforms / HP: HP-UX 11iV1/11iV2 parisc-32/64, HP-UX 11iV2/11iV3 ia64-64
  • Platforms / Solaris: Solaris 10 sparc & x86-32/64, Solaris 11 sparc & x86-64
  • Databases / Oracle: Oracle Standard, Standard One and Enterprise 10.1/11/12, Oracle RAC 11/12
  • Databases / IBM: IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows 9.7/10.1/10.5
  • Databases / Microsoft: SQL Server 2005/2008 R2/2012
  • Databases / MySQL: Enterprise 5.1/5.5/5.6
  • Databases / Axway: Database 4.6

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