Data Sheet: Axway SecureTransport for U.S. Federal Government

Unify your MFT gateway protocols to break away from complexity

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Years of adding one-off file transfer connections to meet a specific need often equals a complex environment that lacks the flexibility, reliability, security and traceability needed to support all your business scenarios and compliance requirements. Simplify the equation with Axway SecureTransport.

As a multi-protocol MFT gateway, Axway SecureTransport provides the flexibility you need to support virtually any MFT use case. Secure, manage, and track file flows among people and applications inside your enterprise, and beyond your firewall to your user communities, mobile devices, and the cloud. Perform high-volume automated file transfers between systems, sites, lines of business and external partners, to user-driven communications and mobile, folder- and portal-based file sharing.

With Axway SecureTransport you can:

  • Be ready for high-growth use cases by providing flexibility and autonomy for end users while maintaining corporate controls
  • Weave MFT capabilities into digital applications and use cases using full REST APIs
  • Host files in secure mailboxes or folders
  • Push data securely to trading partners in real time
  • Power ultra-high-end shared service bureaus to meet the demands of multiple business units and organizations in one scalable infrastructure
  • Meet new file flow requirements with customized, multi-step file handling and routing
  • Reduce errors and time to business by provisioning users remotely using APIs
  • Offer a complete service to the business by blending ad-hoc and system-centric use cases
  • Overcome varying network characteristics and meet SLAs for international and cloud transfers with file transfer acceleration

The SecureTransport user interface provides visibility into all file transfer activities, with hierarchical package tracking. And end-to-end monitoring, reporting, alerting and KPI/SLA management ensure you’ll never miss another deadline because of a lost or corrupted file.

User-friendly governance and configuration capabilities, including delegated administration and predefined and configurable workflows, make SecureTransport an easy-to-implement alternative to high maintenance proprietary software, simple MFT gateways, unsecured public cloud services, and costly VANs and VPNs.

Performance you can count on

SecureTransport is the most scalable and resilient MFT product on the market, with fault-tolerance and high-availability capabilities to meet a wide range of capacity requirements.

SecureTransport offers:

  • Guaranteed delivery, checkpoint/restart, resubmit, and near real-time document exchange
  • Active/Active and Active/Passive deployments with standard clustering
  • Service availability, elasticity, and scalability for up to 20 nodes and unlimited concurrent connections with enterprise clustering
  • File transfer acceleration to meet established SLAs                                                            

Security you can trust

SecureTransport offers end-to-end controls and clear visibility into your data regardless of the applications, systems, or platforms you and your trading partners have in place.

With SecureTransport:

  • Data is secured in transit, never stored within the DMZ, and encrypted while at rest on the server, regardless of the underlying transport network
  • Delegated administration, predefined and configurable workflows, and customer self-service offers ease of use and autonomy to manage their own requirements
  • Strong audit trails protect against legal liability and demonstrate compliance with a wide range of industry and government mandates, such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, GDPR and GLBA
  • ICAP connectors enable out-of-the-box integration with DLP and anti-virus engines, providing added protection for files flowing through SecureTransport
  • The API-accessible repository is fully encrypted to ensure that no content can be viewed — even in the event of a security breach. SecureTransport also supports a Hardware Security Module (HSM), which helps ensure PCI compliance
  • With embedded analytics for SecureTransport you can monitor file flows for SLA compliance and track KPIs in real time, and offer self-service visibility to business users and various IT roles 

Functionality you can work with

SecureTransport integrates easily with your existing IT infrastructure and file transfer processes to leverage and preserve your investments.

SecureTransport helps you:

  • Reduce configuration times and operational costs with a proven architecture for building loosely coupled, highly scalable applications
  • Merge processes, data, and file transfers using event-driven workflow, rules-based file processing and multi-step routing
  • Integrate seamlessly with other MFT systems such as IBM Sterling Connect:Direct
  • Offer consistent quality of service and interface to users and applications throughout your enterprise with Axway Transfer CFT

Doing business better

A single MFT gateway solution for connecting with your entire trading community improves the management of all file transfers, enhances business relationships, and reduces software, training and maintenance costs.

Operating from a single platform allows you to: 

  • Customize, manage and monitor pre-processing, routing and post-processing steps with a single product; link file flows with a wide variety of related business processes
  • Apply enterprise governance and security policies to ad hoc human-to-human, human-to-system, and system-to-system file transfers
  • Administer, configure, monitor and analyze all file transfer activities and applications using real-time alerts, reports, and a web-based user interface
  • Automate the flow of information (EDI, statements, images, CAD/CAM designs, etc.) with external partners, customers, suppliers and regulatory bodies
  • Communicate with your trading community over HTTP/S, FTP/S, SSH, SFTP and AS2; SecureTransport is interoperable with third-party clients
  • Manage files using a web browser, featuring full accessibility compliance, branding, language localization and address book capabilities


Secure and flexible enhanced MFT gateway

Axway SecureTransport provides a unified MFT solution that can accommodate diverse corporate, business unit, user, application, system and trading community requirements. 

Diverse file transfer scenarios

  • Multi-site integration. Move files between systems at different sites, minimizing issues associated with multi-regional file transfers and interactions
  • B2B processes. Manage and secure multi-enterprise business processes with all business partners. Extend security, visibility and control beyond the enterprise firewall to include all parties involved in the interaction
  • Application integration. Move files between internal systems using standardized methods and tools in a peer-to-peer or hub-and-spoke model. Simplify application integration with a proven infrastructure that reduces configuration time and operational costs
  • Portal-based file transfer. Integrate SecureTransport with existing portals to provide audit and security features for file uploads and downloads
  • Content collaboration. Connect to new file storage systems and content collaboration platforms (CCP).

High-end MFT scalability, redundancy and performance

  • Standard clustering. Enables Active/Active and Active/Passive deployments, with no dependency on an external database; provides efficiency and a low total cost of ownership for organizations that need redundancy and moderate scalability
  • Enterprise clustering. Goes beyond standard clustering by enabling organizations to leverage an external database to scale up to 20 nodes and virtually unlimited concurrent connections
  • File transfer acceleration. Enables high-volume transfer over high-speed networks to ensure data is delivered on time and within SLAs; utilizes pTCP and PeSIT protocols to accelerate the transfer of files between two SecureTransport servers and between a SecureTransport server and an Axway Transfer CFT agent
  • Delegated administration. Enables consolidation of file transfer requirements from multiple business units, divisions or projects on one infrastructure. Delegated administration also allows autonomy for each business unit to manage its own needs, while ensuring the appropriate security levels to protect each division


  • Open and standards-based
  • REST-based Web Service API model for managing file transfers, partners and other administrative tasks
  • Open interface for building connectors to third party storage solutions
    • File transfer service with websites using a Generic HTTP/HTTPS connector
    • Exchange files directly with corporate data stores on NAS and Sharepoint using included connectors
    • Set up cloud file services using Amazon Web Services S3 connector
    • Fill big data stores directly using out of the box Hadoop Connector
    • Syncplicty integration provides flexible delivery between applications and end users
  • Rich set of application integration capabilities for merging enterprise infrastructure processes, data, and file transfer
  • Multi-LDAP and SAML support for authentication
  • Event-driven workflow
  • Multi-step, rules-based file processing and routing with templates
  • Meta data management


  • Intuitive interface for visibility into all file transfer activities, with hierarchical package tracking
  • Central management of flows across the enterprise from Axway Central Governance cockpit
  • Delegated administration powers MFT shared service, distributing administrative tasks by business unit and role
  • End-to-end monitoring, reporting, alerting, and KPI/SLA management
  • Optimized process automation
  • Use of existing identity stores via LDAP and SAML
  • Transparent enforcement of security policy across all file movement activities

Security and compliance

  • Document and repository encryption is transparent to the user
  • Secured connections for transmission of critical business data across the Internet
  • Strong audit trails
  • Integration with DLP and anti-virus engines

IntegrationManaged file transferTrusted networkDMZClients
Axway Transfer CFTAdvanced Routing

SecureTransport Server

SecureTransport Edge

Axway Secure Client



Data Security

No Data Stored in DMZ

Axway Transfer CFT
FTPS/SFTP ServersAd hoc File TransferIntelligent RoutingWeb Browsers
File ServersMailboxingStandard FTP Clients
Directory ServersEmail Integration

Standard SSH Clients

Email ServersUnix Clients
SNMP MonitorsAS2 Servers

Authenticated partner access

  • Data integrity checks
  • Non-repudiation of origin and receipt using signed digital receipts
  • Secure data streaming across the DMZ with Axway SecureTransport Edge


  • Role-based trading community management features, including delegated administration for distributing community management/monitoring tasks
  • Flexible partner communication
  • Inexpensive, secure endpoint clients are easy to deploy and use

Value-added options

More than a typical MFT gateway, SecureTransport offers ultra-high-end MFT functionality that ensures business continuity, provides extended availability, supports shared services, and accommodates high volumes and peak loads.

Enterprise clustering

  • Linearly scale to 20 nodes, providing nearly unlimited capacity
  • Gain elastic scalability in physical and virtual deployments by adding capacity to support peak loads and/or unplanned growth. Adding and removing nodes doesn’t require downtime
  • Use policy-based load distribution to isolate lines of business and server tasks in different parts of the cluster
  • Improve resiliency/disaster recovery with more nodes in service and faster recovery times
  • Advanced capabilities include automated node management and recovery, dynamic and policy-based load configuration and tuning, and automated server health monitoring

Ad hoc human communications

  • Enable end users to send files of any size and any type at any time to anyone
  • Manage system-to-human and human-to-human file delivery
  • Enable secure and auditable file transfer via portals and shared folders
  • Establish policies to control file access and movement, create audit trails, and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Integration with Axway Syncplicity provides a comprehensive solution to both human centric and automated file transfers. The combined solution provides comprehensive coverage for automated file transfers and collaborative file synchronization and sharing use cases.

Key features and benefits



  • Platforms:
  • • Windows Server 2012 R2 (x86_64)
  • • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.x & 7.x (x86_64) – Server or Azure hosted
  • • Oracle Linux 6.x & 7.x (x86_64)
  • • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 and 12 (x86_64)
  • • IBM AIX 6.1, 7.1 & 7.2/WPAR/LPAR
  • • Oracle Solaris 11/Zones/VM for SPARC
  • External databases for enterprise clustering option:
  • • Oracle 11g & 12c Enterprise only (including Oracle RAC)
  • • MS SQL Server 2014 Standard and Enterprise editions
  • Endpoints:
  • • REST API interface
  • • SecureTransport Web Client (HTML5) (included)
  • • Mobile Applications for Android and iOS
  • • Outlook mail plug-in

Delivery Options

  • Amazon EC2 virtual appliance
  • VMWare virtual appliance
  • Licensed software
  • Cloud SaaS

Available Protocols

  • IPv6
  • pTCP with PeSIT
  • SFTP and FTP/S
  • HTTP and HTTP/S
  • AS2 (Certified annually by the Drummond Group)
  • FIPS 140-2 SSL/TLS

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