Data Sheet: Axway PassPort

Centralize security and access control

Your business requires security and access control at many points across your communication channels, starting at the edge of your partner gateways and DMZ, and extending to the back end of application integrations. Though the information you exchange with partners is likely protected with top-of-the-line security mechanisms, the challenge is managing all the necessary digital credentials — and ensuring that they interact and evolve with enterprise security policies. Axway’s answer to this problem is to centralize access control across your business ecosystem with Axway PassPort.

Axway PassPort provides a central repository, identity broker, and single security audit point for your Axway B2Bi or Axway MFT solution, enabling you to manage security, customize policies, and connect to existing systems such as LDAP directories, single sign-on (SSO) providers, external PKI environments, and hardware security modules (HSMs).

Key features and benefits


Provisioning and management

Centralize and automate provisioning and management for secure data exchange with partners and customers

  • Manage your PKI store with certificate/key generation, import, export, certificate signing requests (CSRs), certificate revocation list (CRL) validation, and versioning ƒ
  • Delegate authentication to LDAP, Active Directory or custom authentication sources ƒ
  • Standardize user provisioning with group-based access control and password policy management
  • ƒDelegate key management to your hardware security module device via PassPort’s HSM interface
  • Manage the type and description of exchangeable documents, network and transport protocols, security rules, certificates, profile use constraints, and partner agreements ƒ
  • Provide Axway Gateways and Axway Integrator with data to complete transformation, communication and security functions needed to successfully exchange documents ƒ
  • Modify settings and information dynamically via the application programming interface (API) and customize access rights and policies ƒ
  • Get started quickly with Axway’s standard predefined rights and policies, or customize to suit your needs with PassPort’s powerful user interface


Enable secure collaboration across communities

  • Monitor audits of security-related configuration changes and authentication attempts with Axway Sentinel ƒ
  • Streamline login processes with a single sign-on (SSO) agent, supporting SiteMinder or custom connectors ƒ
  • Control rights via role-based access control (RBAC), including customizable privileges and roles ƒ
  • Choose PassPort’s own secure repositories for credential storage, or delegate to external environments for each domain ƒ
  • Plug directly into your existing security infrastructure

Centralized Access Control with Axway PassPort

PassPort integrates seamlessly with Axway products as an authentication/authorization provider and complements your Axway exchange platform with centralized access management. PassPort plugs directly into your existing infrastructure, and becomes an integral part of your data exchange and integration governance.

Want secure collaboration on a unified platform?