Data Sheet: Axway Interplay

Simple, secure and auditable exception/rejection handling and data entry

When the flow of data required to complete essential business interactions is disrupted due to incorrect or missing information, the impacts can range from lost productivity to failure to comply with service level agreements, financial penalties, and damaged relationships and brands. Conversely, maintaining accurate and complete information in business-critical systems is a major advantage that increases a company’s ability to respond, innovate, compete and grow.

Axway Interplay is a powerful, easy-to-use forms-based solution that enables secure, controlled and auditable event recycling and data entry to ensure the smooth, uninterrupted flow of data. When a system (such as a Treasury Management, ERP or CRM system) encounters a problem with a file, Axway Interplay pinpoints the error and enables authorized users to manually resubmit new information into the system to quickly restore the seamless flow of business data.

Role-based permissions and detailed, easy-to-query audit trails provide the security and traceability required to ensure compliance with complex local, regional and global regulatory requirements including IFRS, Basel II & III and the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act.

Key Features & Benefits

Simple forms-based exception/ rejection handling and data entry

  • Go directly to the specific form fields required to correct errors and handle exceptions within inter-application data flows
  • Manually enter new business data flows (orders, invoices, event reports, etc.) for integration into existing systems
  • Recycle incorrect flows regardless of their source (ERP, CRM, treasury/FX management system, etc.)
  • Automatically validate and insert data into business-critical data flows

Secure and auditable controls

Secure, authenticate manage and trace error-correction and data-entry operations

  • Set permissions to control access to the logical views and controls associated with business data flows
  • Secure and trace actions with an audit-compliant record of who did what, when, where, and how
  • Connect Interplay forms to existing repositories for automatic user validation and single sign-on capabilities
  • Supervise and control data entry and recycling processes

Easy-to-use form designer

  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to create forms by as much as 30% (as compared to systems such as SAP and Oracle)
  • Parameterize the logic viewpoints and checks associated with business data flows
  • Create entry forms for any type of transaction or business event
  • Eliminate the cost of maintaining multiple heterogeneous tools and methods to handle errors, exception and manual entries
  • Replace inefficient spreadsheet-based data entry and manual processes that cannot be secured, controlled or audited

A Valuable Solution for All Industries and Lines of Busines

Axway Interplay is a solution for event recycling and manual data entry, which makes it valuable for any organization looking for an easier, faster and more secure way to remedy the errors, omissions and process gaps that interrupt the flow of business data. Through easy-to-use forms, Interplay users can visualize, resolve and recycle errors and exceptions, which are then (re)integrated into data flows with automatic validation controls, full user-access security and complete end-to-end traceability.

Example Business Use Cases

Accounting/financial services

  • Easy end-of-month adjustments to provisions and accruals
  • Controlled entry of general ledger postings and events
  • ER recycling after checks by the accounting interpretation layer (Axway Accounting Integration Suite, RDJ, XRDJ, SAI, etc.)
  • Correction of events or movements not initially accepted by the accounting ERP
  • Correction after an incorrect reconciliation between business data and accounting balances
  • Bulk corrections
  • Manual payment entry management
  • Check and validate corporate payments

Supply chain (orders, manufacturing, delivery, invoicing)

  • Manual entry of non-electronic orders (paper, phone, fax, etc.)
  • Correction of incorrect orders
  • Correction of events or movements not initially accepted by the ERP
  • Bulk corrections
  • Creation of new forms for ERP systems

B2B exchanges and data migrations

  • View financial flow files from the processing chain
  • Approval of payment flows before transmission
  • Payment order entry
  • Bulk corrections

Fast time-to-market for new business needs

  • Create entry forms customized for new business needs

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