Data Sheet: Axway EndPoint Solutions

Extend your Data Exchange Capabilities to Partners, Customers and Employees the Easy Way

Axway EndPoint solutions enable you to establish secure and direct connections with your partners, suppliers, customers and employees over the Internet — quickly, efficiently and reliably. With Axway, you can execute automatic, standardized deployment of data exchange features to end users on a massive scale, or provide users with hub-controlled software they can download themselves. 

Ranging from full-featured thick clients to zero-footprint web clients, Axway EndPoint solutions need little to no configuration, deploy in minutes and have minimal management requirements. Once a connection is established, end users can immediately transfer files and exchange data with your enterprise hub — without having to worry about technical requirements.

Axway EndPoint solutions include:

  • Activator: a self-service, downloadable B2B connector that simplifies partner on-boarding.
  • Secure Client: a file-transfer client designed to integrate seamlessly in end-user working environments while providing background automation capabilities and hub deployment facilities.
  • Web Client: low-to-no-footprint HTTP endpoints that connect you to any trading partner with a browser and Internet access.

Key features and benefits


Flexible connection options

Establish connections that meet specific business process requirements and individual trading partner preferences

  • Deploy to groups of any size, making it easy for everyone in your business ecosystem to communicate with you
  • Give end users easy access to your secure file-transfer infrastructure, no matter what systems they use or how technically adept they are

  • Meet the full range of file-transfer needs, from ad-hoc interactive transfers using a web browser to fully automated EDI and batch-transfer jobs on mainframe platforms


Business process automation and integration

Collaborate with hundreds –even thousands– of partners, suppliers, customers, and other constituents

  • Automate endpoint provisioning and pre-configure functionality without writing a single line of code
  • Integrate Axway EndPoint solutions with Axway gateways and other FTP and HTTP servers for a comprehensive B2B transaction and MFT solution

  • Automate and move existing EDI and business integration processes to the Internet. Axway EndPoint solutions can be used with any certified EDI-INT solution

Axway EndPoint Solutions

Axway Activator

Activator is a self-service, downloadable connector for simple partner onboarding using the Internet protocols of your choice.

  • End users can download the pre-configured Activator software and install it in just minutes.
  • All members of your B2B community can easily exchange files with your organization, even with no technical expertise.
  • Automatic profile synchronization ensures that information transferred between you and trading partners is always up to date.
  • End-to-end tracking, reporting and real-time alerts give you complete visibility into transaction status and volume.
  • Each transaction is encrypted at the message level, ensuring that data is secure.
  • Upgrade to Axway Interchange for even more robust community management.


Robust Visibility with Axway Activator

Axway Activator delivers robust visibility, security and governance features that enable you to manage and safeguard critical business information over the Internet.

  • Use monitoring and reporting capabilities for visibility into file movements and data exchanges.
  • Integrate with Axway Sentinel for additional visibility — including visibility into partner communities — through user-friendly dashboards.
  • Transparently support multiple security protocols, data integrity checking and guaranteed delivery.
  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and government regulations, as well as your own corporate security and auditability policies.


Provisioning Services for Axway Activator

Activator provisioning services establish a customizable web portal for automated registration and real-time onboarding.

  • Web service implementation lets you assemble a customized ramping methodology to meet your needs.
  • Provide pre-configured Activator software to your partners to eliminate costly configuration errors.
  • Monitor the entire provisioning process with real-time status updates on each partner.
  • Available both as licensed software and as a hosted service.


Axway Secure Client

Axway Secure Client enables mass provisioning of a reliable, easy-to-use file transfer client to your enterprise users and business partners. Secure Client works with Axway MFT gateways (Axway Gateway, Axway SecureTransport and Axway Interchange) and can also be used with standard FTPS, HTTPS and SFTP servers to provide advanced file-transfer functionality and security – right off the shelf.


Secure Client Technical Specifications and Features

  • Provides automatic deployment and update of site definitions and license keys from the hub to all users.
  • Automatically provides email notifications on transfer success/fail.
  • Enables all Windows service recovery options to ensure the highest reliability possible.
  • Offers out-of-the-box advanced bandwidth management feature to optimize network resource usage.
  • Supports HTTPS with single-socket shared-server processing for large file transfers.
  • Supports FTPS for large file transfers, with a rich command set (mkdir/rmdir, mget/mput, rename).
  • Supports SFTP for flexibility and the simplicity of a single connection to the server.
  • Improves transmission times with compression for SFTP.
  • Provides extended accessibility with support of Section 508 standards as defined by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA).
  • Supports native integration with Microsoft Certificate Store for performing single or mutual strong authentication based on machine certificates and compatible security devices.


Secure Client Functionality and Ease-of-Use for the End User

  • Users can send files or directories through Secure Client directly from Windows Explorer simply by clicking on actions customized by the hub (e.g. “send to accounts payable” or “send to ACME billing service”).
  • System Tray icon provides feedback on transfer completion and potential errors, gives control over the transfer engine, and gives access to the transfer monitoring pane for control and actions.
  • Transparent proxy management keeps end users from having to deal with complex or unknown proxy settings.
  • End users can send and receive files on their PCs with full security, data integrity checking, and guaranteed, traceable delivery.
  • Automatic synchronization of files between desktop and server is possible.
  • Checkpoint restart establishes and restarts broken connections, resuming file transfers at the point the communication was lost.


Axway Web Clients

Fully integrated with Axway gateways, Axway Web Clients are low-to-no-footprint HTTP endpoints with no software to install.

  • Components are deployed and updated automatically, so your partners can connect immediately over the Internet.
  • Users communicate with your hub using HTTPS and navigate via customized HTML screens — you have complete control over the end user experience.

Choose from:

  • Axway Gateway Web interface — file-oriented interfaces for exchanging files over secure HTTPS. Fully customizable templates are provided.
  • SecureTransport Web Access Plus — an HTML5 based interface for exchanging files over HTTPS with Axway SecureTransport. This client, aligned with current usability and accessibility recommendations, enhances the user experience with drag-and-drop to the browser, overcomes the 2GB browser limit, and introduces MFT principles such as checkpoint/restart, pause, resume and MDN confirmation for transferred files.
  • WebTrader — a browser-based interface for mailbox-based exchange of files over secure HTTP with Axway Interchange.
  • WebEDI — a forms-based Web application that provides standard EDI business processes to external partners that do not have their own EDI infrastructure.

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