Data Sheet: Axway DropZone

Secure, simple file sharing inside and outside the enterprise

System Specifications

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Delivery Options

  • Axway/Dell Appliance
  • Virtual VMware Appliance
  • Virtual Hyper-V Appliance
  • Private Cloud

Available Protocols

  • Mobile Clients: Android, iOS

It’s a fact that today’s business users are increasingly “going around” IT in order to achieve the level of business-to-business collaboration they need, turning to public-cloud based file sharing tools for emailing and sharing files that exceed IT file attachment limits or violate corporate policies. Lured by free storage, ease of self-provisioning, and freedom from IT scrutiny, they are choosing cloud-based services to share sensitive, private, and/or regulated data beyond the corporate firewall.

Unfortunately, these services lack even the most basic policy-based security controls most businesses use to protect data and comply with industry and governmental data privacy regulations.

Axway DropZone provides the file sharing, collaboration, and ease-of-use features found in cloud-based file sharing services; but unlike those tools, it is built from the ground up on Axway’s solid security framework. DropZone enables organizations to apply the same set of corporate security policies to file sharing as they do to outgoing email messages, delivering a better balance between the demands of user productivity and corporate security.

Key features and benefits


Microsoft SharePoint integration

Extends DropZone security policies to your SharePoint files and folders

  • Allows a SharePoint folder to be mounted inside the DropZone environment
  • Provisions the same file- and folder-sharing security measures within DropZone to SharePoint information, thwarting common user-based security breaches often found with SharePoint usage
  • Addresses the usability, security and policy management requirements of users and IT departments

Syncronize files across devices

Using DropZone’s Desktop Agent

  • Enables users to synch local folders to DropZone folders
  • Enforces corporate policies related to file-sharing
  • Supports the ability for users to move across different devices

Outlook Integration

Provides a superior user experience

  • Permits users to access their DropZone folders and files via the Outlook interface
  • Provides a popular, easy-to-use interface, eliminating the need for IT to retrain employees

Secure file and folder sharing

From any device

  • Enable users to send files securely to anyone, and provide a controlled environment where users can easily share files and folders within and outside the organization while still complying with corporate policy and data security requirements
  • Empower users to securely share files and interact from their desktop, tablet or smart phone with enterprise- class policy controls and encryption
  • Provide an easy-to-use, intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality

Outbound and inbound file security and data loss prevention (DLP)

  • Enforce policies that protect confidential information and intellectual property, and ensure compliance with government regulations and corporate policies
  • “Plug and play’ seamlessly with an enterprise’s existing DLP infrastructure via an ICAP interface, or use Axway’s embedded universal policy engine
  • Scan shared content for viruses and malware

Enterprise-class user role management

  • Control who can create and share folders, and with whom content can be shared
  • Integrate with Active Directory or LDAP directories for authentication and permissions management

Policy-controlled file sharing

Protect the organization by scanning any file content which is sent\uploaded\shared through the Axway Web UI, Plugin or any application that communicates through Axway’s RESTFul API


Manageable, easy-to-use, policy-compliant file sharing

With Axway DropZone users can easily share files internally and with customers and partners while complying with corporate security and compliance policies. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface ensures rapid adoption and empowers employees to exchange critical information without the need to use unauthorized and potentially harmful file sharing tools. Outlook Integration provides a popular, familiar and easy- to-use end-user experience.

Seamless implementation provides IT with a manageable tool that supports policy enforcement and control of data flow into and out of the enterprise.  In addition, synchronization of local folders with DropZone folders is quick and easy to maintain through the Desktop Agent. Anti-virus software will protect content from spreading viruses and malware.


Axway DropZone enables IT to secure email and file sharing on mobile devices, empowering employees to securely manage and access email and files from any location. Granting this kind of easy and secure message and file management from mobile devices supports adoption of BYOD policies across the workplace as a whole, fueling adoption of secure collaboration policies while keeping employees productive.

Robust authentication and permissions management

Axway provides full integration functionality with Active Directory or other LDAP directories for easy-to-manage authentication and permission management. Admin users can be authenticated locally, through LDAP/AD or through RADIUS.

Easy integration with other applications and ser vices, including SharePoint

Axway’s open application programming interface (API) enables customers to integrate DropZone with many other applications and services, from email clients to corporate portals and more. SharePoint integration allows SharePoint folders to be mounted inside the DropZone environment, enabling DropZone security policies to be applied to SharePoint content, files, and folders.

Encryption in transit and at rest

DropZone’s secure collaboration platform ensures that shared files are encrypted in transit and at rest on the DropZone server(s), and that they are accessible only by authorized individuals in compliance with corporate policy.

Complete branding toolkit

DropZone provides a full branding tool kit for web user interface and email notifications right out-of-the-box, and can support multiple brands on one server.

Customer-controlled storage management

Axway utilizes an easy-to-manage, quota-based storage system to ensure that clients always have visibility into storage usage, requirements and space allocation.

Axway DropZone — your way

Axway DropZone is part of the modular MailGate SC platform. DropZone can be deployed as a standalone product; in tandem with MailGate Secure Mailbox; or in conjunction with all modules of the MailGate SC platform, for a complete, secure collaboration environment on one appliance with a single administration console.

Want secure collaboration on a unified platform?