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Streamlined integration between business applications and financial information systems

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Axway Accounting Integration Suite (AI Suite) is a comprehensive, secure and proven solution for managing, automating and optimizing  the data transformation and integration process between business applications (back offices) and  financial information systems. These systems include multi-GAAP general ledgers (local and others), compliance-enabled reporting systems (IFRS, sub ledgers, etc.), and financial risk reporting and monitoring systems. AI Suite ensures controls over data quality and transparency of your accounting flows and maintains consistency and reconciliation between business applications and financial systems.

At the heart of the AI Suite is a high-performance rule engine that streamlines the transformation of every business transaction and event generated by your enterprise business applications into the appropriate accounting postings in the general ledger. You can define accounting rules based on your specific corporate financial policies and each GAAP enforced by your organization.

In addition, AI Suite provides secure tools for controlled manual entries and data/event enrichment, as well as exception handling.   AI Suite helps automate many manual driven accounting procedures and controls — replacing labor-intensive methods such as Excel spreadsheets — enhancing security and management of the underlying processes. Detailed, easy-to-query audit trails facilitate daily operational controls over the data quality and accounting process. These audit trails provide the transparency you need to ensure compliance with complex local, regional, and global regulatory requirements including IFRS, Basel II &III and the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act.

AI Suite’s Financial Datastore includes a business user-oriented GUI module dedicated to data analysis of transactions, repositories, postings, and more. The Financial Datastore provides control and enrichment, and reconciles business data — such as inventories and accounting balances, before they are populated to financial reports (e.g. Bale III, SURFI, ALM in banking area, Solvency II in insurance domain).

Key Features & Benefits

Business-driven data transformation and integration

Transform operational data (business events) based on business needs, not IT requirements

Axway AI Suite can facilitate change and drive growth by optimizing and managing the transformation and propagation of accounting and financial data.

  • Correlate business applications to the general ledger: easily integrate new processes, products and ERP systems (including Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft) to simplify mergers and acquisitions and speed time to market for new offerings
  • Manage and maintain global accounting schemas that accelerate processing of financial and accounting data: define centralized Chart of Account and Accounting rules, comply with local regulations, enable by-country supervision, and provide consolidated monitoring
  • Populate GL, reporting, and risk systems: create GL postings, enable management through sub ledger accounts, meet Basel II requirements, and populate local and consolidated reporting systems
  • Integrate multi-GAAP businesses: meet international accounting standards requirements (such as IFRS), create multi-GAAP postings, guarantee data consistency through a single data source, and reconcile local and other GAAPs

Centralized, user-friendly rules management

Empower the accounting department with centralized control and ownership of accounting rules

Using the AI Suite Rule Composer, business users can easily define and simulate financial rules, including T presentations of double-entry accounting results. The rules engine supports all currencies and any language supported by either UTF8 (ASCII, EBCDIC) or UTF16 code (including Cyrillic languages).

  • Replace labor-intensive, spreadsheet-based processes with automated, secure and auditable data transformation and integration
  • Produce and apply time-stamped rules that create audit trails and add transparency to the production of accounts
  • Quickly update rules and create new business data flows to comply with changes in standards and regulations and enable agile, efficient accounting
  • Automatically document the accounting methods and procedures in production to meet regulatory requirements, and be agile in accounting integration projects and maintenance
  • Serve as a single place of the truth for all policies and rules that need to be enforced by your company

Exception/rejection handling

Easily make end-of-month adjustments to provisions and accruals, and view, manually amend, and recycle events rejected by the system

AI Suite generates proactive alerts when a translation error is detected. The AI Suite Interplay module automatically pinpoints where the error occurred and enables authorized users to manually key or update data into the system, thus limiting impact on the closing timeline. Profile-based permissions provide highly secure and auditable controls over all data.

  • View, correct, enhance, and recycle business data that flows between applications
  • Set permissions to control access to the logical views and controls associated with business data flows
  • Secure and trace transactions with an audit-compliant record of who did what, when, where and how
  • Model workflows and dashboards to orchestrate and supervise the recycling process

Detailed reporting and secure visibility into easy-to-query audit trails

Audit business transactions from the time they are initiated to the time they are posted to accounting and risk systems

The AI Suite audit trail module provides a user-friendly querying tool to control and justify all data delivered to target financial systems.

  • Easily navigate audit trails up to terabytes in size using intuitive parent/child queries
  • Use advanced functions to build daily controls and visibility over the detailed production of data for the financial systems
  • Maintain balances and history of accounts, and respond to specific requirements with the AI Suite Datastore
  • Create financial reports and extracts, and publish them in PDF, HTML, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Improve visibility and management of the financial and accounting data production

Visualizing the operational process in real-time helps you correlate, optimize and take action

Axway Operational Intelligence tools provide dashboards for the financial organization to visualize, monitor and optimize the overall process.

  • Visualize how the process of transforming data to the financial systems is progressing and what may be the discrepancies
  • Monitor each step of the data transformation process to measure performance
  • Benchmark performance over time to optimize operations for shorter closing times
  • Anticipate potential impact of exception handling on the closing dates and take appropriate actions

Core Functionality

AI Suite is the industry’s most comprehensive accounting integration solution, with support for ERP connectivity (Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, etc.), end-to-end monitoring and visibility, sub ledgers, and multiple sets of GAAP used by global organizations.

AI Suite provides:

  • A high-performance rule engine for defining and enforcing accounting rules and GAAP across disparate systems. AI Suite uses these rules to control, validate, enrich and transform business transactions and events generated by corporate business applications, and translate them into general ledger postings. AI Suite can quickly integrate any ERP system or other business application with any financial system, including multi-GAAP general ledgers, IFRS books, and risk and MIS databases. AI Suite Rule Engine comes with built-in technology to process millions of transactions, ensuring high availability and dynamic scalability.
  • Axway Interplay for event recycling and manual general ledger entries. Resolve and recycle errors and exceptions with full user-access security and complete end-to-end traceability. Axway Interplay easily processes data from Excel spreadsheets, offering controls and validation prior to introducing any data into targeted systems.
  • Detailed and easy-to-query audit trails to ensure operational controls as well as regulatory compliance. AI Suite keeps an audit trail on every action that is processed by the rule engine, enabling full bi-directional traceability between the originating transactions and events and the corresponding general ledger postings.
  • Fast and secure delivery of local and consolidated financial reporting.
  • Reconciliation between business data (inventories) and accounting data (balances, postings) to ensure consistency and accuracy of financial reports required by regulations. Capabilities include:
    • Key driven reconciliation
    • Discrepancy reporting to desired granularity, such as accounting balance level, contract level, customer level and more
    • Compensation posting capability for fixing discrepancies
    • Reconciliation process monitoring

Improve Accounting Agility and Efficiency

Axway AI Suite provides a single solution for performing standard data operations and accounting-specific functions, including account balancing, transaction reversals, group account record processing, routing to multiple destinations, and tracked maintenance of accounting ledgers. As a result, you can optimize your accounting information systems for improved performance and standards-based processes, while distributing control of business rules and processes to functional players.

All Axway AI Suite functions can be adapted and implemented based on the policies of your specific organization and the architecture of your information systems.

Business and Accounting rules can be configured based on:

  • Data to be transformed
  • Controls to be applied by the accounting engine
  • Data normalization
  • Enrichment of data from internal or external repositories
  • Exception processes to be applied
  • Target systems impacted by the transformation of business events

Enhance IT Performance and Reliability

With more than 20 years of experience behind our solutions, Axway provides the business-critical accounting transformation and integration backbone for more than 250 businesses and public sector organizations around the world. Our customers rely on Axway AI Suite to:

  • Process tens of millions of transactions a day, and more than several billion business transactions a year
  • Store, use and search billions of events and general ledger postings, representing terabytes of data
  • Maintain 99.9997% availability to meet stringent SLAs and avoid hefty penalties

Ensure Compliance with GAAP and Regulatory Requirements

With support for multiple accounting standards, full audit trails, and high performance for any volume of data, AI Suite is specifically designed to meet the complex regulatory environment for financial data processing and accounting reporting created by:

  • A sharp increase in financial communications (both in volume and in frequency)
  • Important new accounting standards that mandate countries around the world to move from local accounting standards to regional and global GAAP standards
  • The legal obligation to keep an audit trail for documentary evidence of all transactions, as required by International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS), Basel II & III and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), and to document past and current accounting procedures


  • Mobile Clients: Windows, Linux, UNIX, AIX, HP/UX, Z/OS, OS/400
  • ERP Systems: Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, Others

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