"With an event-driven architecture enabled by Amplify Streams, we can make it fast, simple and cost-effective for fintechs around the world to bring real-time market data into their products."


IT infrastructure requirements, optimizing costs


deployment in days, not months 


market data directly to mobile apps

Case study details

Around the world, fintechs are empowering consumers to take control of their investments through innovative, mobile-led experiences — allowing the public to trade, manage, and monitor their assets from any connected device.

For this leading market data provider, the aim is to distribute millions of financial data points to clients located all over the world. APIs are a key enabler of the provider’s offering, as they allow clients to integrate the company’s market data into their own digital products securely and costeffectively. The company has created hundreds of APIs, offering a wide range of financial information

To help fintechs around the world create a new generation of realtime retail trading offerings, this market data provider looked for a way to stream financial data to millions of mobile devices while keeping costs under tight control.

• Enables rapid deployments, streamlining the client onboarding process

• Reduces IT infrastructure requirements, optimizing costs

• Scales from small-scale deployments to millions of devices