Cloud API Integration

Enable and govern your hybrid enterprise by simplifying integration between cloud services and on-premise applications

Do your business users upload sensitive sales, customer and product data to cloud services? Is your IT department deploying applications hosted in the cloud? Do you have developers creating applications in the cloud? If so, you are probably hearing alarm bells for potential violations of corporate data security and retention policies, as well as data privacy and residency regulations.

With Axway API Gateway, you can support the agility and self-service the business wants from the cloud, while putting controls in place to create a secure bridge across cloud services (SaaS, IaaS and PaaS), on-premise, mobile and B2B applications.

Axway API Gateway

  • Axway API Gateway

    API and service broker for security, privacy, compliance and reliability in the cloud

    • Prevent non-compliant data from moving to the cloud by enforcing privacy and residency policies
    • Provide internal developers and applications a consistent and centralized way to consume cloud services
    • Implement fine-grained access controls to govern access to and from the cloud
    • Extend existing enterprise identity and access management (IAM) platforms to cloud-based applications, enabling SSO for users and apps

How it works

You can use Axway API Gateway to build, manage and secure integration between on-premise and cloud-based applications and services. Security, administration, monitoring and auditing capabilities provide visibility across cloud, mobile and partner channels and ensure high availability, compliance and a positive experience for your app users. 

You can also use it to customize security and access policies, and extend your IAM platform (such as CA SiteMinder, IBM or Oracle IdM) to secure cloud services and mobile access in BYOD environments.

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