PHOENIX – August 25, 2015 – Healthcare organizations today face increasing challenges with automating, integrating and securing the exchange of protected health information (PHI) throughout the healthcare ecosystem, all while improving the quality of care and containing rising costs. Axway (Euronext : AXW.PA), a market leader in governing the flow of data, today announced that OneHealthPort has renewed its partnership with Axway to provide a Health Information Exchange (HIE) for managing millions of standardized transactions across its healthcare value chain. By leveraging both Axway Cloud B2B Managed Service and Cloud API Management Service,  powered by the Axway 5 Suite, OneHealthPort offers enhanced services that enable healthcare organizations to securely exchange information by simplifying workflows, lowering risk and reducing operational costs.  

Since the creation of OneHealthPort in 2002, the organization has witnessed a significant increase in transaction processing volume. To help healthcare organizations manage this data, OneHealthPort deployed Axway Cloud B2B Managed Service for the secure and efficient exchange in processing Health Level-7 and other healthcare-specific formatted electronic transactions such as Syndromic Surveillance (SS), Electronic Lab Reporting (ELR), Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA) documents and hospital admission/discharge notifications.

“We needed an infrastructure that could be deployed rapidly, and the Axway Cloud B2B Managed Service is a perfect match for us,” said Sue Merk, Executive Vice President of Innovation, OneHealthPort.

The OneHealthPort HIE is enabling its community members to:

  • Improve Quality: Connecting specialty facilities across the U.S. with a major payer to exchange patient level data for quality improvement purposes.
  • Streamline Information Sharing: Linking hospitals and provider organizations across the state to share critical public health data and help hospitals receive Meaningful Use II financial incentives.
  • Better Manage Care: Bringing hospitals and health plans together to exchange admission and discharge notices, which help the plans better manage care. As a result, the hospitals are able to comply with contractual requirements and reduce administrative expense.

In addition to benefiting from Axway 5 Suite’s Cloud B2B Service, OneHealthPort leverages Axway Cloud API Management Service on AWS to develop, integrate and manage APIs and Web services. “We believe that the future of healthcare communication will rely heavily on APIs, and with Axway’s comprehensive set of services we are in the perfect position to embrace APIs and digital technologies,” said Merk.

“In today’s digital economy, the healthcare community has seen a rise in the need for services that can securely manage the real-time exchange of business and clinical information to improve the healthcare experience,” said Dean Hidalgo, executive vice president, global marketing, Axway. “We are uniquely positioned to provide OneHealthPort with digital technologies, offered as a cloud service, that delivers healthcare community value.”

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Axway (Euronext: AXW.PA), a market leader in governing the flow of data, is a global software company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries.
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Axway 5 Suite offers control and optimization of the flow of data through integration, visibility, policy, security and reliability to govern business-to-business interactions, communities, systems and data types – within and beyond the enterprise edge.

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OneHealthPort uses information technology and collaboration to connect health care organizations in the Pacific Northwest, making patient care safer, communities healthier, and the delivery of health services more efficient and effective. OneHealthPort was created by a coalition of health plans, physicians and hospitals that joined together to build a community where business and clinical information could be shared securely and simply. OneHealthPort’s goal is to improve efficiency and effectiveness by applying collaborative information technology solutions.