About Emmanuel

Started worked in 1993 to develop the first Internet website at LIX (Laboratoire informatique de Polytechnique), developed neural network algorithms (OCR), then followed a professional path in LCL's IT department (dematerialization, WEB development, architecture and security). In 2002, he took over as Head of Innovation at LCL.

In 2004, he joined the Crédit Agricole Group as CTO, in charge of the architecture, security and innovation department. In 2013, he becomes CEO of Crédit Agricole Store, the Crédit Agricole's open innovation platform and digital laboratory, which won 8 major international innovation awards.

In parallel, he acts as CDO for interbank projects and represents the bank in international meetings in the subjects of open API (PSD2), eID, data (GDPR), AI and Blockchain. Passionate about technological and societal innovation, he is a fan of music and sports.

Domains of focus expertise as a Catalyst:

  • Open Innovation
  • API and network economy
  • AI, Blockchain
  • FSI