Success Story: MOgroep

Axway B2Bi builds a business integration solution for eGovernment and Child Services

  • Headquarters

    Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Industry

  • Challenge

    Improve electronic data exchange between primary partners and decentralized and independent organizations; and integrate to work cross-functionally with independent youth and child protection agencies

  • Solution

  • Results

    • Immediate processing of requests delivers help where it is needed much more quickly
    • Automation ensures accurate data capture
    • Full interconnection between the Justice Department, the police, and all MOgroep member companies, including adoption of industry-certified ebXML framework as the Youth Network standard
    • Enhanced security for confidential exchange of client records
    • Support for a wide range of communication protocols, ensuring connectivity with a community of partners
    • Immediate return on investment due to improved workflow efficiency

“Axway enables us to provide a simple service enabling people to do their jobs quicker and more efficiently. To be able to provide this service, which greatly speeds up help for people in need, we consider the return on investment to be immediate.”

MOgroep is an umbrella organization that is linked into several government agencies in the Netherlands. It was established to aid private sector companies and non-profit associations that provide programs and services devoted to child care, personal wellbeing and public service, and youth care.

MOgroep encompasses 1700 companies, and its main role is to lobby government agencies with the objective of getting youth care programs and policies on government agendas. MOgroep is a powerful force that represents its members to government agencies, such as the Justice Department and the Ministry of Public health, Well-being and Sports, in order to promote the programs and services advocated by its members.

A Strategic Partnership with the Justice Department

The IT Department is a central entity at MOgroep. Its primary function is to manage the independent youth care organizations by bringing together resources such as the Youth Care Information System, the Youth Care Net, and several child abuse prevention services, all of which come under the youth care branch. The youth care branch of MOgroep itself represents more than 75 member companies.

A broad community of youth care agencies, youth and family counselling services, and child protection agencies are connected to the Youth Care Network through Axway B2Bi. The Youth Care Network is in turn connected to the Justice Department, and also to the police network. All three networks depend on Axway B2Bi a safe network infrastructure and Axway Interchange for secure file transfer.

MOgroep chose Axway B2Bi as its EDI and integration platform primarily because its main partner, the Justice Department, had been using the Axway platform for several years. In addition, Axway B2Bi offers a certified ebXML framework which is identical to the standard B2B interface used by the Justice Department, and commonly used by many other Netherland government agencies. And Axway B2Bi easily meets MOgroep’s visibility and security requirements.

“Axway’s solution supports ebXML format and ebMS protocol. This not only enables us to securely exchange messages with government agencies, but also provides a reliable and secure framework that existing systems and exchanges can benefit from, with limited or no changes to back-end applications,” said Martijn van Noppen, Information Systems Manager.

“Indeed, we have adopted it as our own ‘youth care standard’ for both internal and external exchanges. The Youth Care Network enables improved and structured information flows among the organizations. In addition, Axway B2Bi supports many other protocols. The tool is very complete, so it is easy to exchange data using other protocols with additional external partners.”

Paperless Records — Fewer Errors, Faster Help for Families

Prior to implementing Axway B2Bi, client records that contained names, addresses, social security numbers and other client information, were exchanged through the postal system. It could take a week or more for requests to be processed. In addition, the information received had to be re-entered into back-end systems, resulting in data entry errors.

“With Axway B2Bi, our members need only to press a button and they get the information instantaneously,” said van Noppen. “Therefore, they can immediately begin working on the client cases. By eliminating the data entry phase, the information is much more accurate. Axway enables us to provide a simple service enabling people to do their jobs quicker and more efficiently. To be able to provide this service, which greatly speeds up help for people in need, we consider the return on investment to be immediate. And this is only the first major project. We will implement other data exchange projects with the Justice Department in the future.”

Managing High Volumes of Critical Information

Other types of messages processed through Axway B2Bi include requests to implement youth protection measures, and reports of early warning signs of child abuse cases to the police. It is critical that this kind of information be processed immediately so that authorities can take action as needed.

The information exchanged between the different organizations reaches tens of thousands of messages monthly. The service is built on Axway B2Bi as the central gateway (including Axway Interchange for secure file transfer), and Web Services acts as an intermediary to route messages. The platform also provides message transformation and monitoring services for its members, providing end-to-end visibility into all transactions.

Confidentiality and Security

The records exchanged among organizations are highly confidential. The security that Axway B2Bi, Axway Interchange and ebMS messages bring ensure that the data exchanged remains confidential. “Axway B2Bi is stable and secure. It serves its purpose well at the Justice Department, and that is proof enough for us that we can fully trust the solution,” van Noppen concluded.

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